A Complete Guide To Fighting For The First Time


By Sean Fagan

Some people get into Muay Thai for the specific reason to test themselves in the ring, while others start training because they want to get in better shape and learn an effective method for self defense. Regardless of why you began training, chances are that you have at least contemplated the idea of stepping into the ring and fighting…. haven’t you?11742958_10153994724393496_4759337500307500300_n

In this podcast, fighters Sean (19-6) and Paul (12-2-1) breakdown a complete guide so you can be 100% prepared for your first (or next) fight.

With a combined 40+ fights, The Muay Thai Guys share their best tips, strategies and training tools that have helped them be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually before entering the ring. Here’s a brief rundown of what the cover:

Complete Guide To Fighting For The First Time

  1. Figure Out Your “WHY” – Knowing why you want to fight is the first step to being ready physically and psychologically. Do you want to fight to test yourself? To brag to your family and friends? To see if you’re as tough as you think you are? Whatever the reason is, it’s absolutely crucial to be aware of your motivations in order to truly be prepared to step in the ring. Not only that, if you’re confident about your “why” you’ll be much more persistent in overcoming any challenges or obstacles thrown in your way during training camp.
  2. Show Your Worth – Be consistent and hard working and your trainer (and training partners) will take notice. If you want to truly be successful and win your fight, you have to show your coaches that you’re committed and 100% serious about fighting. Anybody can say they want to fight, but not everybody will put in the time and effort to PROVE that they want to fight.
  3. Train Like The Fighter You Want To Become – How do champions train? How do they eat? What are their training routines like? Do they do roadwork daily, or do they prefer sprints? One of the best ways to become successful in anything is to mimic someone who is already successful. Do your studying by listening to pro fighter interviews, watching their training sessions and reading about their lives. What can you learn from fighters like Buakaw, Saenchai, Joseph Valtellini, Joe Schilling, Kevin Ross, Caley Reece and other champion fighters? A lot.
  4. Plan Out Your Camp – “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” Sure you can go into a fight camp without any real training structure, but will you really benefit from that? Taking the time to figure out how to balance your training with work, school and other areas of your life is super important if you want to be prepared (and confident) when you enter the ring. Set time aside to write out your daily, weekly and monthly training schedule (and goals) and do your best to accomplish everything you set out to do.

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