A Question of Remembering "WHY" I Do This


By Sean Fagan

I remember the numerous bone-breaking body kicks and knees I took for 4 rounds that made me want to vomit.

I remember taking a powerful cross to the nose and hitting the canvas with blood pouring down my face.

I remember thinking:

“I could just stay down and no one would even know that I could get back up. No one would give me shit. No one would know I gave up and quit like a coward.”

I remember noticing these thoughts about giving up and staying down on the canvas.

I remember thinking that, "yea, no one would know I gave up... No one, EXCEPT ME."

I remember getting back up, finishing the round, and knowing that I had to get the KO in the 5th round.

I remember that Ed Sheeran was playing between rounds... which was weird.

I remember going into the final round with the “knock him out or get knocked out trying” mindset.

I remember knocking him out with a flush uppercut through his guard.

I remember the feeling of letting out a primal roar along with the euphoric high I felt immediately after he fell to the canvas.

I remember feeling tough.

I remember feeling proud.

I remember THIS is why I fight.

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