10 Things You Should Know as a Muay Thai Beginner


By Michael Dehoyos

Muay Thai is an extremely physical activity that is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you want to become a professional Muay Thai boxer or are just interested in doing it for exercise, there are some tips you should know before jumping into the ring. 

#1: Be Technical

When you build something, you need to begin with a foundation. You may have the physical strength and power to perform well, but if you have poor technique, then you run the risk of being injured. If you build your Muay Thai practice with a firm foundation and learn all the movements with correct form and technique, then you maximize your full potential and decrease the risk of injury.

#2: Build Your Cardio

Muay Thai is an activity that requires a lot of energy because of all the rapid movements you do such as shuffling, punching, and kicking. It’s a full body workout, and if you don’t take the time to build your stamina, you’re going to run out of steam quickly.

“Luckily, cardio training, such as running, biking, or swimming, can help improve your stamina so you can stay in the ring longer” says Davida Hackett, a sports writer at Writemyx and Next Coursework.

#3: Build Your Strength

Once you’ve built a technical foundation, the next thing you can work on is building muscle power. Hit the gym a few times a week to strengthen legs, core, and upper body. You’ll see the power in your movements improve drastically.

#4: Invest In Good Equipment

When you do Muay Thai, your body is put under a lot of physical stress. To protect yourself from injury, it is important to make the effort to invest in high quality equipment such as boxing gloves that protect your hands and wrists, mouth guards to protect your teeth from being knocked out and from potential head trauma, and clothes you can move around in.

#5: Fuel Your Body With the Right Type of Food

You’re an athlete and you need to feed your body the nutrients it needs. Eating the right kinds of proteins, fats, carbs, fruits, and vegetables allows you to stay healthy and fit, and can increase your level of performance.

#6: Drink Tons of Water

There are many benefits to drinking water. For starters, it lubricates the joints, delivers oxygen throughout the body, and rids the body of toxins. Water can also boost performance level during exercise. Always keep your body hydrated so that it can function well.

#7: Train With Different People

Switch your routine up by training with different people. If you train with the same partner day in and day out, you become accustomed to the movements and can easily anticipate what your partner will do next.

“But, if you train with people who are at different levels than you, you can evaluate where you are at in your Muay Thai training and learn something new from your opponent,” explains Benjamin Rines, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent and 1Day2write.

#8: Never Let Your Guard Down

Ultimately, Muay Thai is a form of boxing. Just as you are throwing kicks and punches at your opponent, he is trying to do the same to you. Even if you can anticipate the movements of your opponent, you can never be too sure what could happen next. Be a defensive boxer. Never let your guard down and always protect your face.

#9: Stretch Often

Just like water, there are many benefits to stretching. Stretching relieves the body of muscle stiffness and aches, improves posture, and reduces the risk of injury. It can also improve mechanical efficiency and overall performance. Stretching is a must for any athlete.

Muay Thai requires a lot of energy from you and contrary to how you may feel, you are not a machine. After a workout or match, give your body the rest it needs. Rest allows the body to repair itself and helps prevent injury. Treat you body well.

As a beginner, Muay Thai can sound daunting. But start with the basics and work your way up. Muay Thai requires practice, dedication, and determination. If you keep these tips in mind, you’re paving the way for a safe and rewarding practice.

Michael Dehoyos is a content marketer and editor at Phd Kingdom and Academic Brits. He assists companies in their marketing strategy concepts, and contributes to numerous sites and publications. Also, he is a writer at Origin Writings.

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