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Along with “Travel, Train, Fight: Muay Thai in Thailand”, these guides will prepare you for nearly every aspect of training and fighting, especially is you’re a beginner or amateur fighter.

Want to know what these eBooks and bonuses all about? Find out more here:

Muay Thai Mastery

How To Maximize Your Training and Dominate Your Next Fight

Looking to have your first fight? Or maybe you just want to figure out a better way to balance your training around work and the rest of your life? Well, this guide will help any beginner or amateur fighter get the most out of their training and be 100% confident and ready for the next time they step into the ring!

Get an inside look on how I go through my training camp. You'll get the actual steps and strategies I use for setting goals, scheduling workouts, weight cutting, pre-fight stare downs, fight day preparation, getting ready inside the locker room, having a prepared corner, getting warmed-up before a fight, and how to celebrate after a win!

Cut, Refuel, Fight

A Fighter's Weight Cutting Guide

Need help cutting weight? This step-by-step guide will provide you with a 4-week sample weight cutting diet along with several tips and methods to make your weight cut go by smoothly and safely. We all know weight cutting sucks no matter what, but with this guide, it won’t suck nearly as much!

In this guide, you will learn how to weight cut safely and effectively for your next Muay Thai or MMA fight, shop for healthy foods and liquids to help with your weight cutting diet, have more energy and focus during your training sessions before weigh-ins, cut water weight easily without stressing your body or mind, and replenish your body with the proper nutrients so you perform at your highest level!

Fuel The Fighter

A Complete Nutrition Guide and Cookbook with Over 50 Easy and Delicious Recipes

Being able to cook healthy, tasty meals is important for any fighter or athlete. If you're short on time and suck at cooking (like me), then these recipes are made specifically for you! Most of these recipes only take a couple minutes to make and are super simple to whip up!

You will also understand more of what your body needs in order to get the most out of your training and workouts. This guide will teach you the fundamentals of nutrition and help you figure out what type of nutrients you should be supplying your body with, so you have a HUGE edge up on your competition! Not only that, but you will learn how to create and develop healthy eating habits so it becomes a major part of your life!

Lose Fat, Get Shredded

A meal plan and workout guide to lose fat and get ripped!

Burn fat, build muscle, and gain more confidence with this mini-guide! If you are looking to lose weight and live a healthy, fulfilling life, then this mini-guide will teach you step-by-step how to burn fat fast and effectively while building functional, sexy muscle. This guide has sample workouts, a sample meal plan, top foods for weight loss, workout tips, mindset tips, and more!

Skinny To Jacked

A Skinny Guys Workout Routine and Meal Plan To Gain Weight and Build Muscle

Tired of being scrawny? This mini-guide will walk you through everything you need to know to pack on muscle and gain functional mass! You’ll receive a sample meal plan, sample workout plan, workout tips, eating for mass guidelines, top muscle building foods and more!



Save Money, Eat Healthy

A Guide To Staying On Budget and Grocery Shopping The Smart Way

Save money the next time you go grocery shopping and still eat healthy with this super useful mini-guide! It outlines cooking methods, grocery shopping strategies and food planning ideas so you can save a ton of money while still eating super healthy! This guide alone will save you more than enough money to pay for the cost of the entire bundle!

4 Week Training Split

This is one of my personal day-by-day training schedules leading up to a fight that is one month away. It's common to take fights often in the early stages of an amateur career to gain ring experience and make a name for yourself and sometimes it's hard to have a full 8-12 weeks to prepare. Find out what types of training I do to be prepared mentally and physically for a fight that is coming up quickly. You can either follow my exact schedule or follow to my tips to create your own!

Muay Thai Workout Log

Keep track of your training progress with this simple workout log that is made specifically for Muay Thai training!

A Fighter's Grocery List

Having trouble figuring out what types of foods and drinks to buy when you’re at the grocery store? Don’t worry, this list gives you an idea for what you should be filling your shopping cart with.

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