Thailand Muay Thai Training Tips – Travel, Train and Fight in Thailand!

The best tips for training at Thailand Muay Thai camps 

Are you thinking about making the trip to train Muay Thai in Thailand?

Well you should be!

muay thai thailand training camp patong phuket

Thailand Muay Thai is obviously some of the best training you can get anywhere, but when I traveled to Thailand to train, it wasn’t just great training, it was also a life changing experience.

Not only did I dramatically improve my striking technique, conditioning and overall Muay Thai training, but I realized that Muay Thai was my passion and I couldn’t live without it.

My knowledge and appreciation for the art of Muay Thai and the entire Thai culture grew everyday. Since I was immersed in the culture, I learned more in depth about the sport than I could have ever imagined.

If you’re looking to improve your Muay Thai training and overall understanding of the art of eight limbs, you have to travel to Thailand to train at a Muay Thai camp.

My Thailand Muay Thai Training Vlog

Throughout my 2014 stay in Thailand, I’ll be documenting my day to day life as well as my training, fights and adventures in my training journal and through my video blog. You should also follow me on instagram @themuaythaiguy if you want even more pictures and videos to get more of an idea for what life is like in Thailand.

Thailand Muay Thai Training Tips 

I’m currently living and training in Thailand so I can gain more ring experience and explore other parts of the country that I didn’t get a chance to the first two times I came over to train. Prior to this trip, Ive spent a combined 6 months in Thailand and learned a lot from my experiences.

Thailand muay thai training tips

During my travels, I have picked up a few useful training tips I’d love to share with you and others interested in training at Muay Thai training camps in Thailand. Here are a few:

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How To Choose a Muay Thai Boxing Gym in Thailand

Muay Thai Pre Fight Rituals and Traditions

Travel Tips For Thailand – The Long Flight Over and Getting Settled In

Moving To Thailand – My Packing List For Thailand

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not know everything about Thailand Muay Thai, so any additional advice, tips or knowledge you’d like to share, please do! The goal is to supply you with the best tips, advice and information about training at Muay Thai camps in Thailand so that when you make the voyage over you are set up for success right away!

Training Muay Thai in Bangkok


Home of some of the best Muay Thai gyms in the world, you can’t go wrong planning your first trip to Thailand in Bangkok.

There are plenty of things to do in the capital on Thailand and you’ll have a wide variety of top Muay Thai training camps to choose from. You’re bound to find the perfect Thai boxing gym that fit your needs!

Figure out if Bangkok is the right place for you! Check out best tips for training Muay Thai in Bangkok!

Training Muay Thai in Phuket

Patong beach muay thai in thailand

I can speak personally about how awesome training Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand is. The beaches are beautiful, the tourist attractions are awesome and the training is great!

If you’re looking to train at some of the best Muay Thai camps while hanging out in paradise, Phuket Muay Thai is your best option!

The first leg of my trip in 2014 I stayed at Nitah Muay Thai in Patong and would highly recommend it to anyone. I also trained at Patong Boxing Gym and would definitely recommend them or their other place Patong Stadium Gym if you plan on training in Phuket!

Training Muay Thai in Chiang Mai


If you want the less touristy destination to train Muay Thai, Chiang Mai might be the best place for you.

You won’t be nearly as distracted training Muay Thai in Chaing Mai as you will if you were to train at other parts of Thailand. If you’re looking to take your training seriously and want a more laid back vibe while experiencing the beautiful countryside of Thailand, then Chiang Mai is for you!

 Travel, Train, Fight: Muay Thai in Thailand

A complete how-to guide to training at the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand

Are you interested in traveling to Thailand to train Muay Thai? Are you a bit hesitant in making the trip because you’re not sure what to expect or what to do to make the trip a reality?

Fortunately, you are not alone! There are a ton of nak muay like yourself who want to travel to the mecca of Muay Thai to  live, train and fight, but don’t know how to make it happen… until now.

The ebook Travel, Train, Fight: Muay Thai in Thailand is a training guide that I am in the middle of creating to help you make your dreams of training at Muay Thai training camps in Thailand a reality.

This complete guide will set you up for success and ensure that you have a positive, life-changing experience by supplying you with everything you need to know. In this step-by-step Thailand Muay Thai ebook you’ll learn how to;

  • Create expectations and a solid plan to get the most out of your stay.
  • Develop a budget depending on your situation and learn how to make your money last.
  • Find the perfect gym and area that fits your needs as a Muay Thai practitioner.
  • Figure out how to apply, get and renew visas to lengthen your stay.
  • Get the most out of your Muay Thai training and have fair fights.
  • Avoid common scams that most foreigners fall for.
  • Save money on food, accommodations, tourist travels and YOUR TRAINING.
  • Learn important Thai customs so you don’t disrepect the culture and embarrass yourself

This guide will be released on July 1st! Click here to find out more!

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