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Reviews on Cheap Thai Pads and The Best Top Quality Muay Thai Kicking Pads!

Hitting a pair of the best muay thai pads to perfect my muay thai technique and increase my power is a must!

Whether you choose to buy discount, cheap muay thai training pads or you’d rather buy the best top quality and more durable thai training pads, make sure you read the reviews below to find out what type and brand of MMA and muay thai training pads work best for your training!

Muay thai kicking pads are relatively expensive pieces of muay thai training equipment, so you don’t want to spend your money on the wrong kind!

Luckily I did the research for you!

Just scroll down to check out the best reviews on muay thai kicking pads for your MMA or muay thai training!

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Muay Thai Pads Reviews

Twins Muay Thai Boxing Kick Pads – $99.99- $119.99

The twins muay thai brand is known for making top quality muay thai equipment for a reasonable and affordable price… and the Twins muay thai training pads are no different!twinspads

The price is cheaper than most other top of the line kicking pads but the quality is just as good (if not better) than other competitors. This is definitely the best bang for your buck in terms of quality, durability and protection.

Personal Recommendation:
If you’re looking to buy muay thai kicking pads… BUY THESE!!!

Ring To Cage Deluxe Thai Pads – $149.99

These top quality muay thai kicking pads are some of the best out there!

Although you do have to spend some money, it would definitely be an investment. However it would be well worth the money if you think you are going to be training hard day in and day out.

These Ring to Cage Deluxe Thai Training Pads are extremely durable, easy to use, made of top quality material and really help in all aspects of your MMA and muay thai game – strength training, speed conditioning and shin conditioning.

Customer Review:

“These are the best muay thai pads I have ever used. I have trained in thailand. I love fairtex, windy, twins and boon… but I when I got these they single handedly the best pads. They absorb strikes better than any other thai pad, they do not slip, the leather is thick and tough, the pads are firm but not hard so you get some conditioning but it doesn’t feel like your kicking boards. A great SNAP sound when struck right with gloves or a great kick. I have not used better pads for the money.”

Personal Recommendation:
I love Ring to Cage equipment and use these muay thai kicking pads myself. If you are looking for the best, top of the line muay thai kicking pads and are expecting to take MMA or muay thai seriously… buy these!

UFC Muay Thai Pads – $59.98ufc-thai-pads

Since they are cheap muay thai training pads, the quality and durability is suspect. If you plan on putting some serious, hardcore muay thai training in, these are not the type of muay thai kicking pads you want.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner looking to start out in the sport of muay thai or MMA, then these thai training pads would be a good fit for you. If you feel like your power or technique isn’t to the level of actually damaging any type of thai training pads, you might want to consider buying these kicking pads for your training!

These are sold in singles so it really costs about $60 for two UFC Muay Thai Kicking Pads.

Personal Recommendation:
I personally wouldn’t buy these muay thai training pads due to the fact that I train nearly everyday. However if you are just learning muay thai, these pads might be a good fit because of how cheap they are! Just don’t expect them to last too long once you get serious about your MMA or muay thai training.

Venum Professional Thai Pads – $149.99ufc-thai-pads

The Venum brand is becoming more and more well known not only because of their unique style, but because of their quality MMA and muay thai training products… and these Venum Professional Muay Thai Pads are no different!

Not only do these muay thai kicking pads look bad ass, but they also offer great protection, great quality and long lasting durability for anyone who takes their muay thai training seriously.

Customer review:

“I couldn’t be happier with the Venum pads. They are constructed with high quality, offer great padding, and were a great addition to my gear bag. If your looking to buy something that will last, regardless of how hard you hit. Then spend the few extra dollars and get these.”

“Muay thai kicking pads are expensive items so you don’t want to choose the wrong products. Fortunately these pads are great, comfortable and really good quality. I personally love their style and the fighters at my gym love them!”

Personal Recommendation:
If you are looking for an alternative to the Ring To Cage training pads, then Venum is the way to go. Venum MMA and muay thai products have great reviews all around and I rarely see any negative reviews on the quality of the gear!

Throwdown Elite Muay Thai Kicking Pads – $119.95ufc-thai-pads

A little bit cheaper than the top thai training pads but still offer almost as good quality, protection and durability!

These Throwdown Elite Muay Thai Training Pads are a good alternative if you are looking to save a few bucks but still get a high quality set of kicking pads. They are easy to use, offer solid protection and are made from quality material so they will last even if you kick like Buakaw!

Customer Reviews:

“My order arrived on time and the pads are great quality, made well, and will last me a long time for training. Only a little bit more money than some seriously cheaply made ones I saw at a store here, which I would have had to replace sooner than later, thereby costing twice as much. I am very pleased with my order.”

Personal Recommendation:
You can’t go wrong with buying these thai training pads. They are great quality and get the job done! Keep in mind they are not top of the line thai pads though and you would still be better offer spending a few extra bucks on the gear from Venum or Ring to Cage!

None of these thai training pads look like the type you want to buy? Check out more here!

Personal advice when deciding what muay thai kicking pads to buy;

If you buy cheap thai pads, chances are they will not be as durable, long lasting, comfortable and protective as top quality muay thai gear. I’ve known trainers who have fractured their forearms from cheap thai training pads! You will probably end up having to buy another set of muay thai training pads a few months after using them!

If you were to invest in top quality muay thai training equipment (whether it’s thai pads, shin guards, boxing gloves or whatever) you not only will be training with more comfortable, safe gear, but you will also be saving money in the long run by not having to replace anything!

I hope these reviews help you buy the best thai pads for your training regimen!

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