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Healthy Eating Guidelines For Muay Thai Boxers and MMA Fighters

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Nutrition for fighters is different than nutrition for an everyday person. If you participate in an intense sport like Muay Thai, MMA, wrestling or jiu jitsu, you need to be smart about what type of foods, drinks and supplements you put in your body.

Get tips and advice on pre-workout drinks, post-workout supplements, weight cutting diets, healthy recipes and more! Figure out what kind of healthy eating habits you’ll need to develop to compete at the higher levels of your respective combat sport!

If you have any knowledge or experiences on certain aspect of fighter nutrition please feel free to share!

Eating at the DinerHealthy Eating Guidelines

Developing healthy eating habits is a must if you want to excel in Muay Thai. Fueling your body properly will help you push through tough training sessions and get the best results. Take your nutrition as seriously as you take your training and I guarantee you’ll see huge differences!

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Weight Cutting Tips

Weight Cutting Weigh In

No one enjoys cutting weight, but it’s an essential part to any fighter training camp. Without knowing the safe and effective ways to cut weight, you will be doing your body a disservice and hurting it in the long term. Make sure you do your research and really understand what goes into a weight cutting diet!

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Pre-Workout/EnergyOatmeal Bowl

Pre workout meals, supplements and drinks are some of the most important aspects of nutrition for fighters you need to know because they fuel your workouts and training sessions!

Learn what healthy foods give you energy, what the best pre workout supplements are for an intense workout and what energy drinks to stay away from!

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Blueberry smoothie

Another important facet of a healthy diet for fighters is the post workout meal! Eating the right foods and drinking the best post workout supplements will help in the recovery aspect of your training.

After a long, hard training session it is imperative to re-fuel your body by giving it the proper nutrients it needs to rebuild the broken down muscles.

Be smart and give your body what it needs post workout so you’re able to get the best results and get back in the gym as soon as possible!

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flowWhey protein, creatine, glutamine, beta-alanine and nitric-oxide are just a few of the popular supplements that are often a big part of nutrition for fighters.

If you train hard and train often, chances are you are going to want some of the best supplements to enhance your workouts and get the best results possible!

There are plenty of great supplements you should consider taking, but there are also numerous supplements that are not healthy or good for the body. Make sure to do your research and share what you find with other nak muay!

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