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This Muay Thai site was made specifically for YOU. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, amateur fighter or professional champion, the goal of this site is to inspire, motivate and educate passionate nak muay like yourself so that you can improve your training and overall fight game!

The First Thing You Should Do

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Getting Around The Site

There is a ton of epic content to help you in various aspects of your fight game, but, there are a few pieces of content you MUST check out:

Sean Fagan WKA US champion

  • Muay Thai Guy Podcast – I’m lucky enough to be able to interview some of the top names in the sport including fighters like John Wayne Parr, Kevin Ross, Joe Schilling, Joseph Valtellini, Tiffany Van Soest, Damien Trainor and others. I also speak with promoters, referees, commentators and all types of people involved with the sport to get them to share their insights and advice.
  • Muay Thai Nation Forums – Being able to talk muay thai with other people is a great way to stay motivated and focus. Share your stories, insight and advice or ask other nak muay for opinions on how to improve your training.
  • General Training Tips – Find tips and advice on a variety of topics. You’ll find tips on sparring, mental toughness, focus, cutting weight, fight preparation and much more!
  • Nutritional Advice –  One of the most neglected parts of most fighters training is their nutrition. Learn the in and outs of what you should be fueling your body with before training, and what you should be replenishing your body with after intense training sessions. Plus, learn how to cut weight without (completely) hating your life.
  • Technique Videos – Doing your homework when you’re outside the gym is important to constantly be improving your technique. Make sure to check out some of the basic, intermediate and advanced technique videos I’ve created as well as videos by Anthony from MuayThaiMovement.com, and the Muay Thai Minute series from MyMuayThai.com.
  • Training in Thailand – Every nak muay’s dream is to train and fight in Thailand. Find out more about what it’s like training in Thailand and what you can expect if you ever make the voyage to the motherland of muay thai.
  • Learn About The Sport – The tradition and culture that comes with muay thai is what makes it such a unique and awesome sport. Learn about the pre-fight rituals, superstitions, music, rules and everything else that make muay thai so badass.

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Youtube – I upload technique videos when I can, plus I also upload my training footage, fight video and workouts so you can get an idea what I do for my training!

Check Out The Shop!

I’ve written 3 guides that I guarantee will help you improve your training! If you have signed up to be a part of Muay Thai Nation then you get a HUGE discount on all these products!

muay-thai-masteryMuay Thai Mastery – This guide is a walk-through to get prepared for a fight. It covers what goes into a successful training camp and what you should expect leading up to a fight. Even if you aren’t planning on fighting, it will share with you tons of tips to make time for your training, eat healthier, build mental toughness and warm up before a fight.

If you are beginner, this guide is perfect to give you a jump start to becoming an elite muay thai fighter!

cut-refuel-fight-200x260Cut, Refuel, Fight – One of the most grueling parts of training for a fight is cutting weight. Fortunately, you can learn from my mistakes from my previous weight cuts so you don’t have to.


Cut, Refuel, Fight is a step-by-step guide on how to cut weight safely and effectively. It supplies you with a detailed meal plan, water weight cutting methods, re-hydration tips and much more!

Fuel The Fighter – Nutrition is going to play a huge factor in the quality and quantity of your training. With a basic understanding of how nutrition works and what type of foods you should be consuming, you can expect to see massive gains in your training.

Whether you are trying to lose weight for health reasons or trying to build muscle, this guide will give you a crash course in nutrition PLUS 50 super healthy and delicious recipes that are so easy to make that even I can cook them up.

In the near future I also plan on adding a t-shirt shop so get pumped for that!

Have any questions or suggestions?

If you have any questions about your training or suggestions on what I can do to make this site even better, feel free to contact me and I’ll be sure to get back to you! Also, if you want to find out more about who I am and why you should care about anything I write, check out my short bio and fight career here.

Thanks for checking out my site. I look forward to hearing from you!

– Sean Fagan