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1. You’ll change lives.

Our community of thousands of nak muay are passionate people looking to improve not only their muay thai, but their lives as well. They are eager to learn more in-depth about the culture, training, techniques and intricacies of this amazing martial art. Writing for Muay Thai Guy gives you a chance to affect peoples lives by inspiring, educating and motivating others to pursue their passions.

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The exposure that you will get through Muay Thai Guy will help you build a fan base and be more known in the tight-knit community of muay thai fighters and fans. Fans, fighters, promoters and potential sponsors have more of a reason to reach out to you and help you along whatever career path you have.

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If you qualify as a Muay Thai Guy writer, you will have the opportunity to be granted with press passes to cover fight cards and promotions! Get behind the scenes insight and photos to some of the best fights in the world just because you are a loyal contributor to Muay Thai Guy!

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