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Since muay thai is such a big part of my life I’ve constantly been searching for the best muay thai websites so I can follow the latest news, learn the best techniques, improve my overall muay thai training, listen to fighter interviews and surround myself with others who share the same passion for muay thai as I do.

I know that the muay thai community is relatively small and it can be hard to find out what’s going in the world of muay thai, so I figured I’d let you in on my favorite muay thai blogs and websites that I’m constantly on that help me keep up to date with everything muay thai!

The Best Muay Thai Websites

(In No Specific Order)

my muay thai logo

This is probably my favorite muay thai website just because the owner, Mai, is always updating it with great content! There’s constantly new muay thai technique videos, fighter interviews, fight videos, news articles and in-depth training articles that keep me wanting more!

All of the guest posts and contributors to the website have great opinions and knowledge about the sport. One of my favorite aspects to the site is probably “Muay Thai Minute” which always shows a useful muay thai technique and is posted pretty regularly!

muay thai is life

The website’s name speaks for itself!

I remember first seeing the owner/designer Eric Rivera on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” when he traveled to Thailand to study and promote the sport of muay thai on the travel channel. Ever since then I’ve noticed Eric all over the muay thai scene with not only his website, but commentating and keeping me up to date on the muay thai world via social media!

All of his contributors always post great muay thai related articles that get your brain working and make you think more in-depth about the combat sport. This is one of the best muay thai websites for the latest muay thai news, especially for Americans like me!

muay thai radio muay thai preservation project

If you don’t know about the Muay Thai Preservation Project, then you’re missing out on one of the best charities you can give to. I’ll let their mission speak for itself;

“The Muaythai Preservation Project is a nonprofit charity dedicated to bettering the lives of less fortunate individuals through the sport of Muaythai.

Founded in July of 2010, the Project works with gyms in the United States to give at-risk youth and young adults the chance to practice Muaythai at no cost. Today, approximately 15 million children live in poverty throughout the United States. Through various programs, the Muaythai Preservation Project aims to bring opportunities to these children where none exist. Additionally, through annual award ceremonies, the Muaythai Preservation Project recognizes individuals in the community who have helped to raise the awareness of Muaythai in North America and abroad.”

Not to mention Liam Tarrant and Owen Bowness run an awesome muay thai radio show that I’m addicted to. I was also lucky enough to be a special guest on one of their shows so check it out!

muay thai authority logo

One of the top muay thai news sites out there! Always keeping muay thai fans up to date with the latest results, fight events, photos and news related to muay thai all around the world.

They just updated their website to a new look and feel which is totally awesome and has such a better flow to it. Needless to say if you’re looking to stay updated with the muay thai world, Muay Thai Authority is a great resource that you should definitely check out!

total muay thai logo

Another great online resource to keep you up to date with the muay thai news from around the world is Total Muay Thai. It’s a relatively new site but it’s quickly growing as one of the top muay thai news sites to get your information on the latest fight results, events and news.

The owner of Total Muay Thai, Greg has been featured on Muay Thai Radio as well and is a true fan of the sport who is looking to help spread the word of muay thai. One complaint I do have about his website is the load time, but it’s worth waiting for if you want some great info!

muay thai movement logo

A brand spankin’ new muay thai website that has already been posting some great content related to improving your muay thai training.

I’ve spoken to the owner Anthony Williams and he’s just as addicted to muay thai as I am. Although the site is only a couple months old, the muay thai blog he has going is already loaded with some good content that I’ve reread a few times myself.

Keep an eye on this up and coming muay thai website because it’s sure to be one of the best muay thai blogs and training resources out there!

This dude is an absolute beast and taking the time to read what he has to say is a MUST if you’re serious about muay thai.

Some of the muay thai blog posts he’s written have truly affected my mindset and my training in various aspects and has helped me improved as well. To give you a little insight about who Damien is, check out his quick bio on his homepage;

“Damien Trainor is regarded as a U.K Muay Thai legend. His admirable career has spanned over three decades where he has claimed, defended and fought for numerous titles in many different governing bodies.”

paul garrigan muay thai

Paul Garrigan has been an inspiration to the older generation who are looking to puruse muay thai but feel as if it’s too late. This website gives you an inside look at what it’s like to start muay thai at an older age but still enjoy the process and learn a lot about yourself along the way.

Here a quick bio of Paul to get an idea for what he’s all about;

Paul Garrigan waited until he was forty years of age before attending his first Muay Thai class. He found that middle age does not need to be a barrier for practicing this martial art so long as he remembers to have realistic expectations.

Paul has lived in Thailand for the last 12 years and so he is perfectly placed to learn this wonderful martial art – although he has no problem finding excuses not to train.

What is your favorite muay thai website or blog? (Besides mine of course)

My Muay Thai
Muay This is Life
Muay Thai Radio/Preservation Project
Muay Thai Authority
Total Muay Thai
Muay Thai Movement
Damien Trainor
Middle Aged Muay Thai

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