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Originally Muay Thai Guy was started as a Muay Thai training journal to hold myself accountable and share whatever training tips, fight videos, and experiences I had throughout my career. I would’ve never guessed this website or training journal would’ve grown to the size it is today!

Below I have links to some of my Muay Thai training journal posts all the way from the start of my career until now. Below the links is a post on how I got started in Muay Thai and how I ended up in Thailand for the first time.

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Muay Thai Training Journal

My Muay Thai Journey – Part 1

Since I’m keeping a muay thai training journal and fight blog I probably should explain a little more about who I am and how I got involved training and competing in muay thai kick boxing. It was a long process getting to where I am now, so I’ll be breaking up my story into a few parts.

Please ask me any questions or comment about my muay thai training journal or myself if you have any! Thanks!

Me, Before I Started Muay Thai

As a kid growing up I hated fighting and confrontation… as a matter of fact, I still do now!

If you went to school with me and I told you I’d be fighting muay thai kick boxing professionally, you’d probably laugh at my face and then kick me in the head.

I mean look at me! I didn’t look like the fighting type at all. I was just some handsome guy with a full head of hair (which I miss by the way).

Growing up I was always involved in sports of some kind. My main two sports were baseball and hockey, both of which I was above average at but not by any means looking to go professional or make a career out of. I was always a skinny kid without much muscle definition but I loved competing and I loved being challenged.

I played baseball since I was 3 and played it all throughout highschool and college, but I guess you could say my muay thai journey started when I was playing hockey.

I would always find myself getting into scrums, trying to check people as hard as I could and talking a ridiculous amount of shit just so someone would try to punch me. There was something about being challenged to a fight that got my blood flowing.

Another thing about hockey was the INTENSITY. Every time you were on the ice you would be going HARD for the 45 seconds – 2 minutes you were on the ice. It was all so fast paced; skating hard, hitting people, shooting the puck, avoiding hits and changing on the fly was all so much fun and challenging… I loved it!

How I Found Muay Thai

My friend Dakotah (who is a jiu jitsu guy now) got me into lifting weights and more importantly, into boxing.

I went to a boxing gym with him when I was about 17 and loved the training. Shortly after starting I would constantly find myself shadow boxing and practicing footwork, head movement and other aspects of the sweet science.

Still, I wasn’t completely sold on taking it 100% seriously yet.

Community College and playing baseball was next on the list because I felt like that’s what I “should” be doing. However, I didn’t enjoy my time at school or playing baseball really, so I stopped going to school all together because I couldn’t stand it.

The college life was still a part of my daily life. I’d either drink and party most weekends or stay in with a few friends to kill zombies and pass a blunt around until we all went comatose and passed out.

Trying to get my life straightened out, I began working as a personal trainer at Planet Fitness in Kingston, NY and “trained” pretty seriously. Now by “trained” I mean lifted weights to look good and have big muscles. Training was considered how much you can bench press or deadlift of squat. So since I put in some hard work and time, I was able to bench press over 300lbs and squat over 400lbs (I’m not even close to being able to do that nowadays).

After about a year they fired me and to this day I don’t know exactly why. It probably had something to do that my 1 year anniversary at the job was coming up and I was about to start getting full benefits… o well, planet fitness sucks!

But everything happens for a reason right? So since I got fired I got unemployment!

Now with all this extra time and still making enough to live off of, what was I going to do with my life? That’s when I decided that I think I would be good at fighting.

Just like anyone around my age who watched the UFC, I though I could be a badass mofo who could knock people out with one punch. I didn’t really think about the more intrinsic reasons for fighting until I actually began competing. Since I was motivated to train and learn martial arts I joined Black and Blue MMA in Kingston, NY.

At first I was looking to try it all; muay thai, jiu jitsu, wrestling, judo and whatever martial art came with MMA. I thought I did pretty well and held my own early on, but I was still getting my ass handed to me often. I just kept my mouth shut and kept showing up to train so I would eventually be able to step into the ring or cage and fight.


muay thai training thailand

I trained there on and off for a couple years but never was matched up to fight, which was pretty demoralizing. I wanted to test myself in the ring or cage and see if I was as tough as I thought I was!

Around this time I was working at Red Lobster as a server just making ends meet but still training pretty consistently in my down down. Serving tables was good money but the job itself SUCKED. I was looking for a way out and I found it with poker.

Before all the online poker sites got seized by the feds, I was able to win $14,000 by playing with only $100. What was I going to do with all this money and free time? I thought and contemplated what I really wanted to do with my life and one thing kept popping up in my head…

Train, fight and travel the world.

Next thing you know, I booked a plane ticket, flew to Thailand and lived there for 3 months.

Muay Thai Training Journal – To Be Continued…. Scroll down for Part 2 of my muay thai training journal!

Muay Thai Training Journal

My Muay Thai Journey – Part 2

I remember landing in Thailand, taking a taxi from the airport to my room, putting my luggage down and thinking to myself, “Holy shit, I’m living in Thailand for 3 months

It was a bit of a surreal feeling at first, especially since I was jet lagged worse than ever before. With a combined flight time of over 20+ hours, I had plenty of time to think and contemplate what the next few months in a foreign country would be like… but I really had no idea.

I arrived at 3am in the morning, went to sleep and woke up at 5am… man was my sleep schedule messed up!

Patong Boxing Gym, Phuket, Thailand

patong boxing gym phuket thailand muay thai

The muay thai gym I ended up staying at was Patong Boxing Gym in the southern part of Thailand. I choose this gym primarily because of the great reviews I read online (if you are considering training in Thailand, has some great resources).

I loved the atmosphere of the gym and of Thailand in general. The gym had a laid back, stress free, relaxing environment and was primarily outside. Everyone I came into contact was smiling and happy to be there whether it was a trainer at the gym, someone walking down the street or other foreigners.

patong boxing muay thai gym equipment outside

Even though it seemed like a laid back, care-free place, it still had the intensity, grittiness and old school feel that a serious muay thai gym should have. I felt like I picked the right place for my first ever trip to Thailand.

The gym had everything I needed. Heavy bags, weights, 2 rings, a mirror, jump ropes, thai pads and other various training supplies.

The coolest thing about the gym was that it was outside! Nearly everything in Thailand can be made into an outdoor area even restaurants, hotel reception areas, massage parlors, bars and more!

My Bungalow Room

patong boxing gym phuket bungalow rooms accomodations

It had the basic necessities; toilet, shower, bed, dresser, tv, nightstand, air conditioning and fridge.

The only things I wish they had were a microwave and other cooking appliances… but I’m in Thailand, what could I expect?

I didn’t spend too much time in my room other than sleeping, watching an occasional movie, or reading, so I didn’t really need too much to be happy. There was a balcony as well which had a chair where I spent a majority of my time just relaxing and being outside (when it wasn’t hot as hell).

patong boxingmuay thai gym inside room bungalow

The bed sucked because it was too hard and stiff, but other than that I loved my little bungalow on the hill!

But one of the best things about my bungalow was that I could walk out my door, take about 20 steps and be at the gym ready to train. Needless to say, there was no excuse to miss a training session when the gym is right outside your door!


My Muay Thai Trainer

muay thai trainer marn patong boxing gy

Marn! (pronounced Mann) He was the nicest, friendliest little Thai dude I’ve ever met. The crazy thing is that I saw him fight one of the first nights I was there… he is a cold blooded killer!

I found that to be a constant theme with all the Thai trainers – they were all super nice, easy to talk to (even though their English wasn’t the best), humble and modest… but once they stepped into the ring they would become absolute beasts!

Marn taught and trained me a majority of the time I was there. From learning basic muay thai techniques to learning how to perform the wai kru ram muay, he took me under his wing and showed me the ins and outs of this great sport. He said he doesn’t even know how many fights he has but he said at least 200 fights! (and he was only 25!).

My Goals For Thailand

I tried to keep my goals simple;

  • Train as often as possible (preferably twice a day 6x a week)
  • Enjoy the process
  • Learn more about the Thai culture and explore the country
  • Win at least 1 fight

For the most part I achieved all my goals but let me tell you one thing… if you think you’ll be able to train 6x a week, twice a day, you’re kidding yourself. With injuries, fatigue, over-training and mental wear, you’ll eventually want to spend at least one day in your bed doing absolutely nothing (which I did a couple times).

What I was able to see, explore and do in the time I was in Thailand was amazing. I checked out Wat Chalong (a buddhist temple), the Big Buddha monument, Ko Phi Phi island, James Bond island, the night life at Bangla Road (which is absolutely insane), bungee jumping and other small excursions.

ko phi phi james bond island
wat chalong buddhist temple phuket thailand
big buddha statue phuket thailand

My Fights In Thailand

I didn’t end up fighting until near the end of my trip. I injured my foot early on in my training and took some time to heal before I was ready to step into the ring.

I was pretty nervous leading up to the fight but I knew I put my time and effort into my training and I was more ready now than ever before. On a side note, it was awesome seeing my face on a fight poster for the first time!

Muay Thai Fight #1

muay thai ko knockout thailand patong stadium

There was no gameplan for this fight, it was just to test my skills and see where they took me. I did the whole wai kru ram muay, touched gloves and before I knew it the fight was over… I won via KO in 40 seconds.

To be honest I was a bit disappointed. It was way too easy and although all fights are considered “professional” fights (because I get paid), I’m not too sure he was a professional caliber opponent. He was smaller than me and looked weak… I was not impressed.

Anyways, the gym owner asked me if I wanted to fight again in a week. So I did.

Muay Thai Fight #2

My nerves were more at ease going into this fight since I just fought the week before. My opponent was tall and skinny and once the fight started I could tell he was quicker than the last Thai guy I fought… but basically the same result.

We exchanged a few times but nothing serious. Then I landed 2 right hands followed by a left hook and knocked him out in 1:30 of the 1st round. Again, I felt unaccomplished since it wasn’t much of a challenge.

The gym owner asked me again if I’d want to fight next week. So I did.

Click here to check out my 2nd fight video!

Muay Thai Fight #3

muay thai fight staredown pre fight patong stadiu

This was my 3rd muay thai fight in 3 weeks. I definitely wasn’t expecting to fight this much in such a short amount of time, but I was pumped and ready to go.

My opponent this time around looked mean and didn’t look intimidated by my beard or muscles. I was expecting to knock this guy out relatively quickly too, but I was dead wrong.

1st round was rather uneventful. The 2nd round I knocked him down twice, owned the center of the ring and came close to finishing him… but I didn’t. I was sooooooo fuckin’ tired by the end of the 2nd round and I still had 3 more rounds to go! I remember thinking to myself, “This sucks, I can barely breathe right now, how am I going to keep fighting?” But then I thought “Shut up you pussy, this is what you came here for.”

The 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds weren’t pretty, and I was basically a walking zombie throwing occasional bombs trying to kill my opponent but I couldn’t finish him. It was brutal and I felt like shit after the bell rang.

In the end he got his hand raised and I left with the loss, but this fight was the best experience I had while I was in Thailand. I learned that I was as tough as I thought and I wouldn’t back down in the face of a challenge.

This was the turning point in my muay thai career.

I wanted to continue challenging my body and mind and do this for a living.

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