Muay Thai Techniques – Videos, Drills, Combos and Workouts

Sharpen Your Muay Thai Technique and Develop Ridiculous Power, Speed and Accuracy In All 8 Limbs.

I might be a little bias, but I believe that Muay Thai has some of the most beautiful and deadly techniques of any martial art. Don’t you agree?

In order to be proficient and effective in your Muay Thai techniques, you have to put the time and focus into your technique training. Your Muay Thai technique training can range from practicing sparring drills with your training partners or banging out advanced combinations on the heavy bag.

I’m guessing your looking to tighten up your Muay Thai techniques, right? Then scroll down or click on the links below to jump to a wide variety of techniques, drills, combos and workouts. Also, make sure to watch the intro video below so you know what to expect!

Technique TutorialsMuay Thai DrillsMuay Thai Combo Tutorials

Strength & Conditioning WorkoutsTechnique Strategies and Philosophy

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Technique Tutorials

There are a wide range of Muay Thai techniques to learn, ranging from the basic punch to advanced defensive moves and sweeps. Below are all the instructional videos and tutorials on basic and advanced Muay Thai techniques.

Practicing and perfecting the basic (and more advanced) techniques of Muay Thai should be a priority of every practitioner. Take a look at the tutorials and breakdowns of the Thai boxing techniques below and start to focus on proper form next training session!

A good read to do before practicing your techniques —> 5 Shadow Boxing Tips To Improve Your Technique

Boxing Techniques:10438273_10155055458370298_6696938976543915014_n

Jab  –  Cross  –  Hook  –  Uppercut  –  Overhand  –  Superman

3 Counters To The Overhand Right

Double Jab To Uppercut Combo

Defensive Thai Boxing Techniques

Kicking Techniques:

Roundhouse  –  Switch Kick  –  Teep  –  How To Parry The Teep

How To Throw A Low Kick

3 Catch Counters to the Teep

6 Ways To Setup The Low Kick

6 Left Body Kick Counters

Muay Thai Superman Punch Technique

Spinning Back Kick KO – Advanced Muay Thai Technique

Tricky High Kick Technique

Knee, Elbow, And Clinch Techniques:

6 Killer Clinch Techniques – Knees, Elbows, Throws and Drills

Clinch Elbow Technique From Inside Position

Elbow Techniques

Exiting The Clinch


Flying Knee Technique

Exiting The Clinch With a Roundhouse

How To Cripple An Opponent With A Clinch Knee

How To Turn Your Opponent To Land A Knee

Muay Thai Defense Against Punches – Long Guard To Thai Clinch

Muay Thai Clinch Drill – Knee Guard to Clinch Throw

Muay Thai Clinch Sweep – Off-Balancing Technique

Spear Knee Technique

Spinning Back Fist And Elbow | Advanced Muay Thai Techniques

Tricky Muay Thai Clinch Sweep Technique

 Muay Thai Drills

“Repetition is the mother of all skill.” – Zig Ziglar

If you want to really perfect your thai boxing technique then you’re going to want to make sure you integrate a fair share of drills in your training routine. Drilling with a partner or on the heavy ba is a great way to sharpen all your techniques and really build that muscle memory.

Below are a handful of Muay Thai drills that you start adding to your training right away:

20/20/20 Intense Heavy Bag Drillmuay thai sparring drills tips and techniques

Dynamic Warmup Routine

Heavy Bag Workouts, Training and Conditioning Tips

How To Take a Beating: Sparring Drills and Tips for Muay Thai

Killer Muay Thai Kicking Drill | Improve Kicking Speed, Power and Endurance

Keep Your Chin Tucked Training Drill

Muay Thai Thai Clinching Drills – Sweeps & Techniques

Muay Thai Kick Drill – Countering With Low Kicks

Muay Thai Low Kick Drill

Muay Thai Teep Drill – How To Counter Punchers

Rope Sparring – Improve Your Boxing Skills

Post Training Stretch Routine

Muay Thai Combination Tutorials

There’s an infinite amount of combos to throw in Muay Thai. It’s so much fun messing around with different footwork and angles to set up and land devastating strikes.

Hitting the heavy bag and Thai pads are great ways to learn specific Muay Thai combos, but I truly feel like the best way to learn new combos is through shadowboxing. So, just keep that in mind as you watch the videos below:

1981854_690576150985422_1596788992_n3 Catch and Counters To The Body Kick

3 Variations of the Hook, Low Kick

Advanced Muay Thai Counter While Moving Back

Advanced Low Kick Combo

Advanced Low Kick Combo #2

Bang Muay Thai Kickboxing Combination

Body Kick Counter Technique

Broken Rhythm Low Kick Technique

Counter Combo While Backing Up

Counter Elbow to the Teep

Cross, Hook, High Kick

Double Step Low Kick – Advanced Footwork

Fake Teep to Elbow | Controlling and Covering Distance

Fake Teep to Spinning Elbow Knockout

Finding Range With All 8 Limbs

Footwork and Counters – Taking Dominant Angles

Head Kick, Power Punch Combinationtumblr_mkkvd413Qk1s1ufcdo1_500

Hook, Double Step Low Kick Setup

Inside Low Kick Counter Combo

Leg Kick Combos, Tips and Setup Techniques

Liver Punch Technique Setup

Low Kick, Cross Combination

Low Kick Defense | How To Counter The Leg Kick

Powerful Punching Counters To The Teep

Switch Hook, Right Knee

Switch Kick Defense | Catch and Punch Counter

Teep Catch, Power Hook Technique Breakdown

Teep Defense – Catch and Jump Knee Counter Technique

Teep, Switch Kick Combo

Tricky High Kick Setup Technique

Tricky Switch Combinations

Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Every fighter and Muay Thai practitioner wants to be in the best shape possible. If you’re looking to develop explosive power and long lasting cardio, then check out these workouts routines below:

5×5 Circuit Workout For Strength and Conditioningmuay thai strength and conditioning

6 Shin Conditioning Tips for Muay Thai

Abs Workouts and Core Circuits

Best kettlebell exercises for Muay Thai

Bodyweight Workout Routines, Circuits and Exercises

Core Workout for Explosive KO Power

Kettlebell Workout for Fighters

My Hand Speed Workout for Fast Hands

Post-Training Stretching Routine

Sean’s Finisher Abs and Core Circuit Workout

Sprint and Bodyweight Workout Circuit

Strength & Conditioning Workout Program for Fighters

Traditional Muay Thai workout routine

The Gauntlet Workout Circuit

Top 10 Plyometric Exercises for Explosive Strength


Strength & Conditioning breakdown with Don Heatrick

Maximizing Movement, Injury Prevention, and Flexibility with Geoff Girvitz

Fight Strategies and Philosophy

There are so many aspects to the Muay Thai game that it’s hard to cover them all. Whether it’s tactics, strategies or mental training you are trying to improve on, hopefully one of these blog posts below will help:

muay thaiThe Art of Losing

The Art of Crazy

Buakaw Breakdown: Clinch Entry, Exit and Knee 

Breakdown of Styles: Samart and Saenchai

5 Best Habits To Learn From Professional Muay Thai Fighters

5 Key Muay Thai Techniques vs. Southpaw Opponents

5 Tips For Your First Muay Thai Fight

How To Fight a Taller Opponent – 7 Tips and Strategies

How to Defeat a More Experienced Opponent – Part 1Part 2Part 3

The Muay Thai “Grunt – The Benefits of Kicking and Screaming 

Defense Against an Aggressive Fighter

Embracing the Thai Clinch

Haters Gonna Hate – Dealing With Negative People

How to Develop Technique in Your Muay Thai Skills

How To Fight Like Saenchai 

How To Prepare In The Locker Room

How To Set Up The Head Kick KO

How To Train For Your 1st Fight

Overtraining and Muay Thai

Sex Before a Muay Thai Fight: Good or Bad?

Tactics and Strategies: Exploiting Predictability and Patterns

The Benefits of Being Injured

Yoga + Muay Thai = Perfect Combination

Share these techniques, tips and drills with your training partners and instructors!

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