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What Are The BEST Muay Thai Shin Pads For Training?

I’ve gone through my fair share of cheap, crappy muay thai shin pads that barely protect my feet, toes and shins from being hurt during muay thai training or sparring sessions.

After going through about 4 pairs of muay thai shin guards, I decided to actually invest and do some research to find the best, top rated, most comfortable muay thai shin guards and shin instep guards for my training… here’s what I found:

The Best Muay Thai Shin Pads

Reviews On Top Rated Muay Thai Shin Guards and Shin Instep Guards

#1. Top King Muay Thai Shin Guards

top king shin guardsI can highly recommend these awesome, comfortable and super protective muay thai shin pads because I currently use them for my muay thai sparring and training.

At first the are a little stiff, but after a few good training sessions with them on they break in very nicely.

These muay thai shin guards offer great protection not only for the shins but for your feet and toes as well! With other shin instep guards I usually end up kicking someones elbow or knee and really hurting my toes… but with these, I have yet to get injured!

These are by far the best muay thai shin pads I have used. Even though these shin guards aren’t as cheap as the slip on, lightly padded ones, they are worth your money in the long run because they protect, are durable, easy to put on/take off and super comfortable!

Top King Muay Thai Shin Protection

$54.98+ MuayThaiStuff

$59.99+ MuayThaiArt

“Just received these, very very high quality. If I would design shin guard – this is how I would like it to be. Great materials, great build quality and VERY reasonable price.”

#2. Twins Special Muay Thai Shin Pads

twins shin guardsWhen I was training muay thai kick boxing in Thailand, the majority of the trainers and fighters wore these type of shin guards for their training.

I used them at times and got a good feel for the quality, durability and protection they had to offer. Although they are bit bulkier than the Top King shin guards, they offer just as much (if not more) protection because of the size.

But since they are big, they are a bit tougher to move around comfortably with when sparring.

However, they are super easy to put on and take off, offer great protection and are super durable and should last you through years of muay thai training.

Twins Special Thai Shin Protection

$63.50 MuayThaiStuff

$67.50+ @ MuayThaiArt

Reading through the forums I noticed that Twins and Raja brand of muay thai shin guards come highly recommended from other fighters and fans!

raja shin guards#3. Raja Muay Thai Shin Guards

Raja shin guards are one of the lesser known of the major muay thai brands but are still recommended and sponsored by many muay thai fighters and fans around the world!

These shin pads are 100% genuine leather and offer excellent heavy duty padding to protect not only your shins but your feet and toes as well!

Reading through the forums I noticed that Twins and Raja brand of muay thai shin guards come highly recommended!

Raja Muay Thai Shin Guards

$62.50 @ MuayThaiArt


venum shin guard#4. Venum MMA/Muay Thai Shin Guards

These muay thai shin pads have had great reviews all around!

Venum is a great new muay thai and MMA equipment supplier that has been continuously making top quality training equipment!

The shin guards they make are well made from quality material, durable, comfortable and are light weight with great mobility!

Check out some of the great reviews from other people:

“THE BEST SHIN PADS EVER!!! These things are amazing! Perfect for Training, Sparring, and Competitions. They have all the cushioning you could ask for, but still hard enough to put your opponent on the canvas! Plus, common man, they’re just awesome! VENUM ROCKS!!!”

“The only problem I ran into was how they aren’t too comfortable up by your knees until you break them in. Once broken in, they’re the best shin guards u can buy. Nice to use while rolling around grappling also.”

Venum MMA Shin Guards

$89.99+ MMAWarehouse

Hayabusa striking shin guards#5. Hayabusa Striking Shin Guards

Hayabusa brand muay thai and MMA products are some of my favorite. Why?

Well they look awesome, are made from top quality material, have great reviews on nearly all their products and are sported by MMA’s best fighters.

These Hayabusa shin instep guards in particular are made from lightweight construction for optimal mobility and performance, have ergonomic curvature that delivers the perfect striking surface, have premium padding complex for maximum protection and are perforated neoprene backing for full breathability.

Here’s one of the many positive reviews on these muay thai instep guards:

Hayabusa Striking Shin Guards

$199.99+ @ MMAWarehouse


Additional Tips and Advice When You Buy Muay Thai Shin Pads

  • Do your research! Hopefully Ive already done enough for you to come up with the right decision.
  • Don’t go the cheap route! If you spend $30 now and end up ruining your crappy shin guards during sparring session, you’ll have to spend another $30 anyways! Spend the little extra it costs to buy top quality muay thai shin guards so you don’t have to continuously spend more to replace the low quality, crappy ones.
  • Try Them On! If you buy them in person, try them on to see if they fit… if they don’t buy a different pair! If you buy shin guards online, use the size charts to figure out what size will fit you best. You can always send them back if you need to as well!

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