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Traditional Thai Boxing Fight Music “Sarama”

Have you ever heard the muay thai music known as the sarama?

At first, when I heard the thai boxing music I was a little freaked out. I thought to myself, ‘why do they play this weird, funky music before and during every muay thai fight?

Chances are anyone new to the sport who attends a muay thai bout or muay thai fight might be a little uneasy first hearing the traditional muay thai music. It’s definitely different and unique sounding and can be a little irritating at first.

In my case, the muay thai fight music has grown on me and now I couldn’t imagine fighting muay thai or going to a muay thai fight without hearing the traditional thai boxing music during the wai kru ram muay or the fight itself.

Here’s a little more information about the traditional muay thai boxing fight music that is played during every muay thai bout, fight and event:

What is the muay thai music called?

muay thai boxing fight music instruments sarama

The thai boxing music is called the “sarama.” This is the traditional music that accompanies muay thai bouts as well as the pre-fight ritual of the muay thai dance known as the wai kru ram muay.

When the wai kru ram muay is being performed the tempo of the thai boxing music starts out slow to match the mood of the ritual. When the fight begins the tempo of the thai boxing music is increased and becomes turbulent at moments of excitement during a fight. The thai boxing fight music is a part of the atmosphere, culture and tradition of a muay thai bout and urges fighters to fight harder.

What instruments are played during muay thai fights?

Pi Jav Originating from India, the pi java is generally referred to as Pi Kaek. The sound that comes from this unique instrument is ironically appealing and steadily exciting. The sound from the Pi Java is the primary sound you’ll hear during the sarama muay thai fight music.

Klong Kaak – The drums that accompany to the Muay Thai fight music has a long shape called Klong Kaak. The surfaces of drums are unequal diameters with the bigger one being called “Narai” whereas the smaller one is called “Nathan”. There must always be two drums (Klong Kaek) in the band, as the player will place them on his laps and uses his hands to beat the exciting rhythm out of them to try to up the intensity of the muay thai fights.

Ching – Ching are cymbols made of brass or iron that are connected together with a piece of string. Small in size but a large part of the sarama muay thai boxing music because it takes on the role of the leader or conductor. it is an important member of the Muay Thai musical ensemble taking on the role of leader or conductor.

Kong Mong – This is a drum that originate from the south of Thailand which is a major player in helping heighten the thrill and increase the intensity of the muay thai fight and fighters.

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