Muay Thai Low Kick Combo – Technique Tutorial

Advanced Muay Thai Low Kick Combo 

Low kicks are one of my favorite things to land in a fight. That being said, if you throw a Muay Thai low kick without proper technique or without setting it up, it can easily be checked/blocked and end up hurting like a bitch… which I assume you don’t want to happen.

In this Muay Thai combination tutorial I demonstrate how to use both the inside and outside low kicks, as well as a 2-punch combo, to land some solid strikes to your opponent. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Muay Thai Technique Tutorial

I love throwing this combo because you can use your footwork to create a better angle of attack and avoid any counters by moving to the side of your opponent. Not to mention, when you throw the final outside Muay Thai low kick, you can really drive your hips into it since your momentum is carrying you in the same direction.

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