Brutal Muay Thai Knockouts

Top 5 Best Muay Thai Knock Out Video Compilations And Clips

Want to see some best ever, most brutal muay thai knockouts?

Check out some of the best knockouts from muay thai fighters like Buakaw, Samart, Saenchi, Ramon Dekkers, Mike Zambidis, Alistar Overeem and other great thai and K-1 kick boxers!

You’ll see all types of awesome KO’s like spinning back fists, heavy head kicks, quick brutal elbows, overhand rights, flying knees and devastating body shots.

I’ve done my research and found the top 5 best muay thai knock out videos on youtube. Make sure to vote at the bottom for which muay thai KO highlight reel is your favorite!


#1. “Muay Thai KO’s”

Damn these KO’s are crazy! I think my favorite are the elbow knockouts… their vicious!

#2. “Great Muay Thai Knockouts NEW 2011”

If you don’t like to wait and want to get straight to the kick boxing action, then jump to the actual footage of the muay thai knock outs at around 1:35 into the highlight video. This video is mainly of thai fighters with a few glimpses of foreign fighters like Ramon Dekkers.

Some of these knockouts are super brutal!

#3 “Kickboxing and Muay Thai KO’s by Damien”

Damien has a handful of great knock out video compilations. All of his muay thai and kick boxing videos have some of the best knockouts I’ve seen ever!

I’m not too sure if I’ll ever get used to the music he puts to all his KO videos, butthe guy makes some awesome knockout video compilations. So if you’re looking to kil some time or just want to watch some of the best knockouts you’ll ever see, take a seat and watch these kick boxers go to work!

Here are my 2 favorite of Damien’s knockout highlight video reel;

#4. “Muay Thai Knock Outs”

#.5 “Muay Thai Knock Outs Insane”

This thai boxing KO compilation is just simply some bad ass stuff. I really need to start learning how to throw head kicks better… one day.

What Is Your Favorite Knockout Video?

1. “Muay Thai KO’s”
2. “Great Muay Thai Knockouts NEW 2011”
3. “Muay Thai And Kickboxing Knockouts By Damien”
4. “Muay Thai Knockouts By Damien”
5. “Muay Thai Knockouts INSANE”

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