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This is the Muay Thai Guy Twitter Landing Page for @Muay_Thai_Guy

If you love muay thai or kickboxing then you and I have something in common. I’m always looking to feed my addiction for muay thai by finding training tips, fight videos, technique tutorials, nutritional advice and the latest news and I want to share all my findings with you!

Not only do I have a badass Twitter account, but I also have an awesome Facebook page – Tumblr blog and Youtube channel that you need to check out!

What I Tweet

For the most part I tweet all muay thai/kickboxing, boxing and MMA related stuff:

  • Training tips and technique advice to help you improve your training one day at a time.
  • Nutrition advice and recipes to eat during your training camp or weight cutting diets
  • Motivational quotes, photos, videos that will get your blood pumping and amped up to hit up the gym for some intense training!
  • Interesting stuff I find in other awesome fight magazines, blogs, and websites about the fight world.
  • My own training including my thoughts, training, eating habits and mindset through my training and leading up to my fights
  • News, announcements and results from the promotions and events inside muay thai

I’m on Twitter a decent amount but since I do train and have a life so some of my tweets are scheduled to help you out with various aspects of your muay thai addiction. Also I do retweet and love having conversations so hit me up with a tweet! I’ll try my best to respond to any tweets or direct messages ASAP!

About Muay Thai Guy

sean fagan muay thai guy

Muay Thai Guy is all about helping inspire and motivate you to chase your dreams while giving you quality information and resources to help you get there. At first this website was started as a way to keep track of my training and keep notes from fights, but with constant feedback about how much people loved the content and my website, I’ve decided to make it one of the top resources for muay thai training!

I’ve created a forum for people like you to interact with others and the best thing about it is that it’s linked with Twitter (and Facebook)! Not to mention I also have Muay Thai Nation, a badass newsletter that gives you even more great content plus discounts on Muay Thai Guy products and affiliates. Once you sign up you get 25 tips to immediately improve your muay thai plus a FREE muay thai workout log!

I also created a training guide called Muay Thai Mastery where step by step I help you in creating a successful training camp for an upcoming fight. Whether you do muay thai for fitness or you’re looking to dominate your next fight, I guarantee that this training guide will help you improve your training!

I’m always pumped to hear your success stories, your tips and tricks, and your suggestions for new topics to cover. Use the contact form on the website, or drop me a message on Twitter or Facebook!

My Follow Policy

I’ll follow you if you either train, love or are involved in muay thai in anyway.
If you are interesting, not an ass and like to talk about muay thai, kickboxing, MMA or other combat sport related stuff, you’ll be followed back by me quickly!

If I’m not following you and you want to talk with me, you can contact me outside of Twitter or direct message me!

Want to know more about me? Check out my about me page or my athlete page on Facebook.