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chris bradford Muay thaiMTG 097: 2x Caged Muay Thai Champion, Chris “AK 47” Bradford

Chris Bradford is a Muay Thai veteran who has been in the ring dozens of times against tough, game opponents. But he says that strapping on 4oz MMA gloves and stepping into a steel cage is quite a different feeling than fighting with the traditional 8oz boxing gloves in a ring… and I tend to believe him.

In this episode of the Muay Thai Guy podcast, Chris and I discuss his career, his retirement and what his goals are now that he’s decided to step into the ring.

Click here to go to MTG 097: Chris “AK 47” Bradford

MTG 096: UK’s 19 Year Old Muay Thai Prodigy, Daniel McGowan

In this episode of The Muay Thai Guy Podcast, I chat with UK’s current #1 ranked Bantamweight (53.5 Kg/117 lbs.), Daniel McGowan. At only 19 years of age, Daniel has accomplished quite a bit for such a young farang in the sport. Besides being the youngest foreign fighter to win at legendary Rajadamnern Stadium, Daniel is also the first foreign fighter to ever get fully sponsored by Petchyindee Academy in Bangkok.

Click here to go to MTG 096: Daniel McGowan

jay matias muay thaiMTG 095: Fighting Depression, Vegan Diet and Returning To The Ring with Jay Matias

Professional fighter and podcaster Jay Matias has had his fair share of ups and downs in his career and life. Since his torn bicep injury that had him sidelined for quite some time, Jay has been taking time to recover not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Click here to go to MTG 095: Jay Matias

rayen simson interview muay thai guy podcastMTG 094: A Chat with Dutch Kickboxing Legend Rayen Simson

Rayen Simson is one of the best kick boxers ever claiming 7 world titles in 3 different organizations and was ranked number 2 at the Lumpinee Stadium – which is a very difficult task for any farang (foreigner) fighter.

Click here to go to MTG 094: Rayen Simson

11921893_1059602270718681_6851084988050602673_nMTG 093: Keys To Coaching, Running a Gym and More with Chris Clodfelter

Making the move from professional fighter to coach was a natural part of Chris Clodfelter’s progression as a Nak Muay. After fighting both Muay Thai and MMA (and making an appearance on The Ultimate Fighter) Chris has settled into his role as a coach and gym owner at Eight Points Muay Thai in North Carolina.

Click here to go to MTG 093: Chris Clodfelter

marco tentori vs. yodsanklai fairtexMTG 092: Fighting Yodsanklai & The Kung Fu Mindset with Marco Tentori

Not many people would take a fight against Yodsanklai Fairtex without any hesitation… but Marco Tentori is not like other people.

With his background in Kung Fu, Marco has a number of unique advantages that most other fighters don’t have. After training Kung Fu for years and having trouble finding full-contact fights, Marco transitioned to Muay Thai which eventually led him to fighting the pound-for-pound most dangerous fighter in the world, Yod.

Click here to go to MTG 092: Marco Tentori

pedro gonzalez muay thai mma fighterMTG 091: Pedro Gonzalez Talks Fighting Pro Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing

Pedro Gonzalez has quite a unique story.

Starting by training at the YMCA, hitting the heavy bag and watching Youtube videos, Pedro jumped right into fighting MMA where he’s now 11-5 with multiple titles. Now he’s transitioned to Muay Thai and has beaten top prospects who had an extensive amateur career… Meanwhile he had 0 amateur fights.

Pedro talks about fighting in 3 sports while balancing life and more!

Click here to go to MTG 091: Pedro Gonzalez

Paul Banasiak and Sean Fagan Muay Thai fightersMTG 090: Thailand Training Tips and NEW Podcast!

In this first episode of The Muay Thai Guys Podcast, Paul and I discuss the logistics of traveling, training and fighting in Thailand. We share our stories of training camp, fighting, the food and all the logistics that go into planning a trip to the mecca of Muay Thai. We also discuss how traveling to Thailand was a life-changing experience and how important it has been to their careers so far.

Click here to go to MTG 090: Thailand Training Tips

chris romulo aka crom muay thaiMTG 089: The Parallels Between Muay Thai and Life with CROM Chris Romulo

I usually get inspired by every single interview I do for the podcast, but talking with Chris Romulo of CROM Physical Culturetook my inspiration to a whole other level.

Chris has always been a popular figure in the NY Muay Thai Scene. He was a successful amateur and pro Muay Thai fighter who held the WKA Super Middleweight Title before retiring and opening up his own gym.

Click here to go to MTG 089: Chris Romulo

Mathias_Gallo_Cassarino_with_his_beltsMTG 088: MAX Muay Thai Tournament Champ, Mathias Gallo Cassarino, on Fighting and Life in Thailand

At 22 years old, Mathias Gallo Cassarino has accomplished quite a lot for a “farang” in Thailand. But even as a MAX Muay Thai tournament champ and veteran of 60+ fights, Mathias is still striving for more and hopes to one day hold a belt at Lumpinee.

Besides fighting, Mathias also is owner of and just recently opened up a gym with his father called 7 Muay Thai Gym. We discuss everything that’s going on in his life/career including:

Click here to go to MTG 088: Mathias Gallo Cassarino

1653292_10101435148717448_201420511_nMTG 087: The State of Muay Thai & Kickboxing with Eric Rivera of The Striking Corner

Eric Rivera has been involved in the Muay Thai scene in one way or another since before I ever even knew what Muay Thai was.

With his new podcast and website, The Striking Corner (formerly known as Muay Thai is Life), Eric does an amazing job interviewing some of the biggest names and influential people in the sport today. This time around, I get a chance to interview Eric for a change to talk about how he got involved in Muay Thai plus a whole range of topics including:

Click here to go to MTG 087: Eric Rivera

tiffany van soest muay thai interviewMTG 086: Champ Tiffany Van Soest Discusses Her Training Camp For Lion Fight 23

With a third round TKO, Tiffany reclaimed the Lion Fight featherweight title against Bernise Alldis at the last Lion Fight 22 card. With the championship belt strapped around her waist, she is more hungry than ever to continue improving your fight game and defend her title on July 31st at Lion Fight 23.

We discuss what her training camp has been like so far and much more, including:

Click here to go to MTG 086: Tiffany Van Soest

MTG 085: The Importance of Team Chemistry and Building an Amateur Career with Gaston Bolanos

Chances are you’ve either seen or heard of the spectacular spinning back elbow knockouts by young professional fighter Gaston Bolanos. Gaston has been making a name for himself in the pro ranking of the Lion Fights Promotions and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We discuss how he’s gotten to where he is today plus much more including:

Click here to go to MTG 085: Gaston Bolanos

muay thai gym charity issan thailandMTG 084: Building A Muay Thai Gym in Issan, Thailand with Frances and Boom Wattahanaya

In the effort to help the less fortune kids of rural Issan, Thailand, Frances and Boom Wattahanaya have been working tirelessly to finish building a Muay Thai gym to in Boom’s hometown. It’s been quite a journey so far with it’s share of ups and downs, but they feel they are on the right path and talk about it during our interview.

We go into detail about their charitable project and discuss the intricacies of owning and running a gym in Thailand, including:

Click here to go to MTG 084: Frances and Boom Watthanaya

tj lopez strength and conditioning for muay thai mma

MTG 083: Strength & Conditioning Chat With TJ Lopez of AMP Athletes

TJ Lopez is the founder of AMP (Athletic Movement Protocol) and knows his shit when it comes to strength and conditioning. TJ has trained a variety of athletes from professional fighters like GLORY fighter Wayne Barrett and Bellator Fighter, Lyman Good, as well as, pro athletes like NY Yankess pitcher CC Sabathia. During this chat we cover a variety of topics related to strength and conditioning for Muay Thai, including:

Click here to go to MTG 083: TJ Lopez

stone cold steve moxon kick boxerMTG 082: “Stone Cold” Steve Moxon Talks Upcoming Fights vs. Robin Van Roosmalen and Mike Zambidis

“Stone Cold” Steve Moxon will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Whether it’s GLORY champ Robin Van Roosmalen in New York or Mike Zambidis in Greece, Moxon is always willing to throw down and loves to fight. With these two big fights coming up, he’s looking to take his game to next level and make a statement during the month of June. We discuss these fights in detail plus much more:

Click here to go to MTG 082: Steve Moxon

vinny shoreman mind coach with andy souwerMTG 081: A Therapy Session with Mind Coach Vinny Shoreman

Vinny Shoreman has been involved in the world of Muay Thai for over 30+ years and shares a wealthof knowledge. He had a solid fight career, trains champion fighters, commentates on top level promotions and is a mind coach of elite level fighters like Joe Schilling, Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson and a number of others. In this interview (or therapy session), we cover a range of topics including:

Click here to go to MTG 081: Vinny Shoreman

MTG 080: Liam “Hitman” Harrison Discusses His Next Big Fight, Toughest Thai Opponents, and Turning Pro at 14

Liam “The Hitman” Harrison started fighting professionally at 14 years of age and hasn’t looked back since. By fighting top Thai opponents like Saenchai, Pakorn, Anuwat and a number of others, Liam has built his reputation as one of the toughest, most skilled foreign fighters in the world.

In my interview with Liam, we discuss a variety of topics including:

Click here to go to MTG 080: Liam Harrison

chatri sityodtong interviewMTG 079: The Warrior Spirit and The Power of Martial Arts with Chatri Sityodtong

Chatri Sityodtong can be described in a great many ways – a self-made millionaire, Harvard MBA, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist – the list goes on, but in all his successes, he’s remained humble and credited martial arts as the greatest catalyst .

Click here to go to MTG 079: Chatri Sityodtong

funk mma funk roberts strength and conditioning interview kimurawearMTG 078: Metabolic Conditioning, Nutrition Basics and More with Funk Roberts of

Funk Roberts is the man!

Before I even began blogging, Funk Roberts has been releasing a variety of strength and conditioning workouts related to muay thai, MMA and other combat sports. If you were to check out his youtube channel, you’d find interval training, bodyweight circuits, kettle bell workouts, core conditioning and a ton of other types of workouts.

Click here to go to MTG 078: Funk Roberts

1379834_10151902701211233_1607572221_nMTG 077: Thailand Stories, Muay Thai Blogging and More with Laura Dal Farra of

Laura Dal Farra has been an influential voice in the muay thai blogging community waaaaay before I even started training muay thai. She started off as a contributor at in 2008 and eventually decided to make her own blog ( to share her experiences, insights and thoughts with the entire muay thai community.

We talk about her evolution as a blogger and muay thai practitioner, plus much more including…

Click here to go to MTG 077: Laura Dal Farra

simon bad bwoy marcus interview glory 21MTG 076: Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus Discusses Upcoming Title Fight Against Artem Levin

Simon Marcus is one of the most dominant Muay Thai fighters in the world. With numerous championships under his belt, he’s looking to add another in his next fight against Artem Levin at GLORY 21. I personally can’t wait for this fight because these are two of my favorite fighters to watch and their first fight was awesome!

Anyway, we talk his training leading up to the fight plus much more:

Click here to go to MTG 076: Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus

muay thaiMTG 075: Living The Dream, Muay Thai Camps and More with Robert Garza of The Pursuit Podcast

In this special episode of the Muay Thai Guy Podcast it’s my turn to be interviewed by my friend Robert Garza of The Pursuit Podcast.

If you haven’t listened to The Pursuit Podcast, I highly recommend you do. It’s loaded with motivation, inspiration and great interviews of a variety of people (a lot in the martial arts niche) who are pursuing their passions and trying to make the most out of life. I was fortunate enough to be on the podcast about a year ago while I was in Thailand… it was a blast! 

Click here to go to MTG 075: Robert Garza interviews Sean Fagan


brian sargent muay thai thailand

MTG 074: Kru’s, Ajarn’s, Thailand and More with Brian Sargent

After having his blog post on kru’s and ajarn’s go viral in the Muay Thai world, it seemed necessary to have Brian Sargent on to talk about the controversial post. Besides that we discuss training in Thailand, battling food addiction and much more:

Click here to go to MTG 074: Brian Sargent

paul banasiak muay thai fighterMTG 073: WKA Tournament, Visualization, Thailand and More with Paul Banasiak

Paul Banasiak is the man. After getting to know him by hanging out and training with him in Thailand at Diamond Muay Thai, I could tell that his drive and passion for the sport would take him far.

Shortly after training in Thailand, Paul went through some rough patches in regards to his fight career, relationships, work, and his entire life in general. Fortunately, he feels that he’s on the rise and has refocused and reignited his passion for fighting. In this podcast with catch up with each other and talk about a whole range of topics including:

Click here to go to MTG 073: Paul Banasiak

geoff girvitz of bang fitness

MTG 072: Maximizing Movement, Injury Prevention, Flexibility and More with Geoff Girvitz of Bang Fitness

It’s sexy to talk about power, strength, and speed when it comes to Muay Thai training, but with each of those areas of strength and conditioning, some of the most fundamental aspects are commonly overlooked. Geoff Girvitz specializes in strength and conditioning for combat sport athletes and focuses primarily on developing proper movement patterns, preventing injury and sticking to the basics. In this podcast interview, we discuss those topics as well as:

Click here to go to MTG 072: Geoff Girvitz

MTG 071: Kevin Ross Talks Title Defense Against Yamato at Lion Fight 21

Kevin Ross is arguably the best Muay Thai fighter in the US and one of the top fighters in the world. He’ll be defending his Lion Fight title in a rematch against Tetsuya Yamato on March 27th in California and talks about his training leading up to this highly anticipated fight plus much more including…

Click here to go to MTG 071: Kevin Ross

liam tarrant muay thai fight commentatorMTG 070: Deep Thoughts with Liam Tarrant from The Muay Thai Project

Liam Tarrant is a man of many talents and it’s hard to label him just as one thing. He’s a retired undefeated pro-fighter, fight commentator, and organizer of the charity The Muay Thai Project. I’ve known Liam since early on in my career and he’s always been a sincere, funny guy who has a lot of knowledge to share. In this podcast episode (which is over 2 hours long) we discuss a wide variety of things including…

Click here to go to MTG 070: Liam Tarrant

strength and conditioning for muay thai don heatrickMTG 069: Strength & Conditioning For Muay Thai Breakdown with Don Heatrick of

There’s a lot of stuff out there on strength and conditioning, but not a lot specifically for Muay Thai. Fortunately, Don Heatrick is filling this void with his top quality content from his website In this podcast Don discusses a variety of topics that I guarantee will help you improve your strength and conditioning for Muay Thai… so take notes!

Click here to go to MTG 069: Don Heatrick

robinblackMTG 068: Robin Black from The Fight Network talks Silva vs. Diaz, Analyzing Fights, The Mental Game and Much More

Robin Black knows his shit when it comes to breaking down and analyzing fights. He shares some priceless insight from his experiences in the cage AND gives us some practical advice on dissecting fights. This is a great interview you won’t want to miss! We also discuss…

Click here to go to MTG 068: Robin Black

featureMTG 067: Robert “White Dragon” Thomas Talks Upcoming Matchup Against Joe Schilling

At only 22 years old, Robert “White Dragon” Thomas has a bright future ahead of him. Fighting since he was 14 he has a good amount of experience under his belt already fighting top guys like Artem Levin and Alex Pereira. His upcoming fight is against another top contender in Joe Schilling at GLORY 19. We discuss that plus…

Click here to go to MTG 067: Robert Thomas

richard abraham muay thai fighterMTG 066: Richard Abraham Shares His Inspiring Story and Unbreakable Mindset Leading Up To Lion Fight 20

I’ve done my fair share of interviews now, but I think this one was the most inspiring one I’ve done to date. Richard Abraham is a professional Muay Thai fighter who has fought all over the world including Russia against #1 ranked Russian champ, Africa against a Ugandan champ, and was the first American to fight and win at the new Lumpinee Stadium.

Click here to go to MTG 066: Richard Abraham

ajarn buck grantMTG 065: Ajarn Buck Grant Discusses The Spiritual Side of Muay Thai, Kru Certifications and Muay Thai Retreats

Ajarn Buck Grant has had quite a journey in the martial arts world and is now a top level coach as well as an official on the national and international levels. The interview with him was amazing and we touched on a number of topics surrounding the spiritual side of martial arts, and Muay Thai. Besides that, we also delve into…

Click here to go to MTG 065: Ajarn Buck Grant

gabriel varga glory featherweight kickboxerMTG 064: Gabriel Varga Talks His Upcoming K-1 and GLORY Title Fight in 2015

Gabriel Varga has been a force in the featherweigh division for a little while now. With his recent tournament win at GLORY 17, he’s set to fight for the featherweight title in 2015. But before he does that, he’s fighting on New Years for K-1 in China. Listen in to his interview where he discusses…

Click here to go to MTG 064: Gabriel Varga

duane bang ludwig podcast interviewMTG 063: Duane “Bang” Ludwig Drops Major Knowledge Bombs

Let me just start off by saying that I’ve been a huge fan of Duane Ludwig since I got started in Muay Thai and kickboxing. He’s fought some of the best in the world including John Wayne Parr, Masato, Ramon Dekkers, Albert Kraus, Malaipet and others. Not only that, but he also coached Team Alpha Male to their first UFC title by helping TJ Dillashaw defeat Renan Barao… needless to say, Duane knows his shit.

Click here to go to MTG 063: Duane “Bang” Ludwig

joel bekker wka us official muay thaiMTG 062: Reffing, Judging & The Over-Saturation of the UFC with WKA Official Joel Bekker

Joel Bekker and I covered a whole shitload of topics during this podcast interview that I know you’re going to love. With decades of experience in martial arts and being a ref in combat sports for 18 years, Joel is able to shine some light on a lot of what goes on behind-the-scenes with refs, judges and promoters. Not only that but we talk about a whole plethora of other things:

Click here to go to MTG 062: Joel Bekker

ShaneSquareProfilePicMTG 061: Self Defense, Learning Martial Arts Online and Dealing With Bullies With Shane Fazen from

Needless to say, I’ve been following Shane Fazen for a little awhile now because his videos are badass and edited extremely well. Oh, and of course, they’re loaded with practical tips that cover a wide variety of topics including Muay Thai, self defense, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, and much more. In my interview with Shane, we talk a whole range of topics including:

Click here to go to MTG 061: Shane Fazen

stephane smart vsl fightingMTG 060: Stephane Smarth Discusses His Military Mindset, New Training Equipment, and Fighting at MSG

It’s been awesome watching Stephane Smarth climb the amateur rankings here in the US and fight on some of the same cards as me. Not only is he a badass in the ring, but he’s also a great trainer and knows his stuff when it comes to strength and conditioning, weight cutting and having a strong mindset.

In this podcast episode we go discuss a number of topics including:

Click here to go to MTG 060: Stephane Smarth

601217_10202736511516832_127608597_nMTG 059: “Lucky” Lloyd Walton and I Discuss The Kickboxing/Muay Thai Divide, Balancing Life With Training and More!

Talking with passionate guys like “Lucky” Lloyd Walton always gets me amped up! After Lloyd reached out to me with a passionate email about his love for Muay Thai and how he enjoyed the podcast, I knew I had to have him on the show. It was great chatting with Lloyd because as an amateur champ, fight team trainer and father of two, he has a unique perspective on things. We discuss a whole range of topics including:

Click here to go to MTG 059: “Lucky” Lloyd Walton

chris mauceri lion fight 19 muay thaiMTG 058: Chris Mauceri Talks Lion Fight 19, Coke Chanuwat & Kevin Ross

My training partner Chris Mauceri is a beast. He started off his pro career 6-0 before losing to current Lion Fight champ Kevin Ross. Now, he looks to get back in the win column against another experienced opponent in Coke Chanuwat at Lion Fight 19. In this interview with Chris, he discusses…

Click here to go to MTG 058: Chris Mauceri

james gregory muay thai paleo dietMTG 057: Overcoming Addiction, Learning From Losses and the Paleo Diet with James Gregory

Have you ever hit a point in your life where things are going shitty and you finally make the decision that things need to change now? Well, after years of substance abuse and addiction, James Gregory decided that his life style needed to change before he headed down an even more self-destructive path… and that’s how he found Muay Thai.

Click here to go to MTG 057: James Gregory

angela overkill hill ufc mma muay thai interviewMTG 056: TUF 20 Fighter Angela “Overkill” Hill Discusses Her Journey From Muay Thai to MMA

Angela Hill is a badass. Plain and simple. She’s a dominant, undefeated Muay Thai fighter who decided to give MMA a try and found herself being a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter season 20. Needless to say, a lot has happened in her life and career throughout the past year or so, so we cover a whole range or topics including…

Click here to go to MTG 056: Angela “Overkill” Hill

brandon levi owner and trainer evolution muay thai nycMTG 055: Evolution Muay Thai Owner Brandon Levi Talks Training His Fighters, Owning A Gym and More

Brandon Levi has been one of my favorite and one of the best trainers I’ve worked with throughout my career. Training with Brandon and the guys (and girls) at Evolution Muay Thai in NYC was awesome & I’ve definitely become a better fighter & person because of it. In this episode of the Muay Thai Guy podcast, Brandon shares his thoughts on running a gym, training his fighters & much more including…

Click here to go to MTG 055: Brandon Levi

glory middleweight wayne barrett glory 18 interviewMTG 054: #2 Ranked GLORY Middleweight Wayne Barrett Talks GLORY 18

GLORY #2 ranked Middleweight, Wayne Barrett, has come a long way in his relatively short professional career. From breaking in with a bang at GLORY 9 and now being one of the top prospects aiming for a title shot, Wayne is looking forward to his upcoming fight against Jason Wilnis at GLORY 18 on November 7th in Oklahoma, US! Besides that we also discuss…

Click here to go to MTG 054: Wayne Barrett

gene kobilansky flow athletics

MTG 053: Mental Training and Finding Your Flow with Gene Kobilansky

One of the most overlooked aspects of Muay Thai and combat sports in general is the mental side of it all. Trainers and coaches preach sayings like “it’s 10% physical and 90% mental” but neglect to set aside any time to work on the mental aspect of their specific sport.

In this episode, Gene from and I go over the importance of taking time to mentally prepare for not just competition, but for training as well and how to maximize your training. We discuss a number of topics ranging from:

Click here to go to MTG 053: Gene Kobilansky

ValtelliniLawGLORY21-750x400MTG 052: GLORY Kickboxing Champ “Bazooka” Joseph Valtellini

“Bazooka” Joseph Valtellini’s road to Glory hasn’t been an easy one, but he’s overcome the odds to become the GLORY World Series Welterweight Champion. He discusses the ups and downs of his journey to the title including…

Click here to go to MTG 052: “Bazooka” Joseph Valtellini 

matt lucas the boxers soliloquy muay thai novelMTG 051: Matt Lucas Talks “The Boxer’s Soliloquy”

There’s a lot more that goes along with Muay Thai than just the training (although that’s obviously a big part of it) and Matt Lucas was able to capture certain intricacies of the grind that many people overlook in his new book The Boxer’s Soliloquy.”

Click here to go to MTG 051: Matt Lucas

jason farrell level up boxing and fitness maryland

MTG 050: Jason Farrell Discusses Gym Hopping, Training His Fighters, and Opening A Gym

Jason Farrell has been building his team of fighters for years in Maryland over at Level Up Boxing and Fitness. His guys have only lost 2 closely contested fights in 2014! Jason talks about a number of topics including how he quit his job and opened up a gym, preparing his fighters physically and mentally for fights, and much more!

Click here to go to MTG 050: Jason Farrell

MTG 049: A Muay Thai Couple – Paul and Sam talk living, training, and fighting together in Thailandmuay thai couple paul and sam fight night in Thailand

Ever wanted to share your passion of Muay Thai with someone you love? Well, Paul and Sam are doing just that. These two amateur fighters from Connecticut, USA are pursuing their dreams and training together on a regular basis and most recently made a trip to Koh Phangan, Thailand to take their training and relationship to the next level.

Click here to go to MTG 049: Paul Banasiak and Sam Abrams

tony manoharan muay thai podcast thailandMTG 048: Tony Manoharan Quits His Job, Travels To Thailand, and Is Now Living The Dream!

Tony Manoharan decided that he’s only got one life so why not travel to Thailand and live the dream? After randomly bumping into Tony in Chiang Mai, we decided to talk about his journey and how is came to be.

Click here to go to MTG 048: Tony Manoharan

dorian price muay thai guy podcast interviewMTG 047: Dorian Price Drops Knowledge About The Fight Life in Thailand

Dorian Price has been through the ups and downs while living, training, and fighting Muay Thai in Thailand and shares his insights about what life was like living at Sitmonchai and fighting on a days notice at top stadiums like Lumpinee.

Click here to go to MTG 047: Dorian Price

steve kong talks living training fighting in thailandMTG 046: Steve Kong from Talks Living, Training and Fighting in Thailand

Steve Kong from has been living, training and fighting in Thailand since 2011 and has a good understanding for what to expect if you decide to travel and train there. He also shares insight on how he started is website plus much more!

Click here to go to MTG 046: Steve Kong from

eric haycraft real fighters gym

MTG 045: Eric Haycraft Talks GLORY Kickboxing, Dutch Style Training, Developing an Amateur Career and Much More!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this was the most informative, insightful and intriguing podcast I’ve done to date. Eric Haycraft has been a kickboxing nerd and fight fanatic for longer than I’ve been alive and knows his stuff.

Click here to go to MTG 045: Eric Haycraft

Jaffer landing some hard shots on his opponent at The Warriors Cup in NJ. Photo Credit: Steve Bauzen

MTG 044: Jaffer “Poppa Pump” Panezai Discusses Kyokushin, Work/Life Balance, and Bad Guy Muay Thai

Training partner, Jaffer “Poppa Pump” Panezai, is a beast in the ring & an awesome guy outside of it. We discuss his ability to balance training, fighting and coaching with the rest of his life including starting the brand “Bad Guy Muay Thai”

Click here to go to MTG 044: Jaffer “Poppa Pump” Panezai

caley reece muay thai interviewMTG 043: Caley Reece Talks Lion Fight 13, Crossfit and Coming Out Of Retirement

Multiple world champ Caley Reece faces off against current Lion Fight champ Tiffany Van Soest at Lion Fight 13 on Feb 7th. She discusses her thoughts on the matchup, how Crossfit has improve her explosiveness and why she decided to come out of retirement.

Click here to go to MTG 043: Caley Reece Talks Lion Fight 13, Crossfit, and Coming Out Of Retirement

rami ibrahim muay thai interviewMTG 042: Rami Ibrahim Talks His Career and Upcoming Rematch vs. Coke Chanhawat at Lion Fight 13

Rami Ibrahim has had a long, successful career and is looking to even the score against Coke Chanhawat at Lion Fight 13. Rami talks about his journey through Muay Thai, running a gym, training other fighters and much more. Check it out!

Click here to go to MTG 042: Rami Ibrahim Talks His Career and Upcoming Rematch vs. Coke Chanhawat at Lion Fight 13

MTG 041: Matt Embree – Siam No.1 Toronto, Canada

matt embree vs kevin ross lion fightMatt Embree made a decision to be the best fighter in the world once he started training Muay Thai. At 17, he took a 3 hours bus ride to training & sacrificed a lot to be where he is today. Matt shares some great insights and thoughts on training & life!

Click here to go to MTG 041: Matt Embree – Siam No.1 Toronto, Canada

MTG 040: Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu – Living, Fighting in Thailand –

sylvie 8limbs.usIt seems like every day Sylvie is stepping into the ring to fight. Her lifestyle in Chaing Mai, Thailand is what most nak muay dream of since she is literally eating, sleeping and breathing the sport. She shares her thoughts, experiences and insights about life in Thailand.

Click here to go to MTG 040: Sylvie con Duuglas-Ittu – Living, Fighting in Thailand –

phoenix carnevale interview sean faganMTG 039: Breakfast Of Champions, Muay Thai Style With Phoenix Carnevale

In this episode my friend Phoenix Carnevale interviews me! We discuss the importance of nutrition and how it’s played a major role in my Muay Thai career. We also dive into my career and how I’ve gotten to where I am today. Check it out!

Click here to go to MTG 039: Breakfast Of Champions, Muay Thai Style With Phoenix Carnevale

MTG 038: Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow, Assassin’s Muay Thai, UK

iman "pretty killer" barlow muay thai fighter UKIman Barlow has over 100 fights, a ton of titles and is only 20 years old! We talk about how she grew up in the sport, had her first fight when she was FOUR, fought boys when she was younger & continues to prove that she is one of the best women fighters.

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travis "the hoodlum" lerchen interview muay thai guy podcast

MTG 037: Travis “The Hoodlum” Lerchen, Team Sityodong Connecticut

Travis Lerchen has had his ups and down in his career, but has turned things around and learned from past mistakes. After amassing a 18-3 record he steps up to face Cyrus Washington for the WKA title for Take On Productions.

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MTG 036: 50 Kicks For Khem Fundraiser Interview with Will Vanevild

khem 50 kick fundraiserIn this special episode I talk with Will Vanevild about the 50 Kicks For Khem fundraiser that is aimed to help former northern Thailand champion, Khem Kietbasuba, pay for his hospital after a motorcycle accident left him in a wheelchair.

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MTG 035: Malaipet “The Diamond” Sasiprapa

interview with malaipet sasiprapa

It’s unreal that I get to talk with a former Lumpinee champion like Malaipet. We discuss how he grew up in Thailand, why he moved to the US and his thoughts on his upcoming fight on Lion Fight 12 vs. Fabio Pinca

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MTG 034: Chaz “No Mercy” Mulkey – Can’t Stop Crazy

chaz mulkey cant stop crazy interview

Another member of Can’t Stop Crazy drops some knowledge! Chaz Mulkey started training at 25 but has made his mark in the sport even though he got a late start. He discusses how he was able to progress so fast, what his training schedule is like and more!

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MTG 033: Emma Thomas – – Living, Teaching and Training in Thailand

Emma Thomas interview

Emma is living the dream in Thailand. She teaches English to pay her bills while training at Master Toddy’s gym in Bangkok. You don’t want to miss her insights, tips and advice on living/training in Thailand, especially if you want to travel there one day.

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mark deluca muay thai podcast interviewMTG 032: Mark Deluca – Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge

After some time off from the fight game, Mark Deluca is jumping back into the ring. Mark has fought some of the best in the sport and we discuss why he needed the break from fighting and what got him excited to fight again!

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Andy Singh muay thai podcast interviewMTG 031: Andy Singh – Renzo Gracie’s, NY

Andy Singh is representing the East Coast Muay Thai scene. A 6-time champion as an amateur and a WBC champ as a pro, Andy is looking to stay active in thai boxing but is eventually making the move to MMA. He’s got some great advice and insight, don’t miss it!

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MTG 030: Ahmad “Sitan’s Lil Pitbull” Ibrahim – Sitan Gym, Philly

Ahmad Ibrahim muay thai podcast interviewAt only 17 years old, Ahmad “Sitan’s Lil Pitbull” Ibrahim has a bright future ahead of him. Already a multiple Muay Thai champion, Ahmad has his sights to be one of the best in the world. Not only is he able to train and fight full-time, but he’s also able to balance school work as well. Definitely a kid you want to keep your eye out for!

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MTG 029: Salah “The Beast’ Khalifa, Team Salah, UK

Salah The Beast Khalifa muay thai podcast interviewSalah “The Beast” Khalifa makes me look bad. At only 21 years old he’s become world champion, does endless hours of charity work and got his degree from college. Needless to say, he’s got some great insight to share that you can’t miss! We spoke about having a positive mindset, pre fight thoughts, diet, charity work, how to deal with HATERS and tons of other topics. Check it out!

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MTG 028: Justin “The Purple People Eater” Greskiewicz

Justin Greskewicz muay thai podcast interviewIt’s always awesome interviews guys who don’t take themselves too seriously but are still one of the best in the game. Justin Greskiewicz might joke around but it dead serious when it comes to his training and passion for thai boxing. His insights as a fighter, ref and judge is something you can’t miss!

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MTG 027: Anthony Williams –

Muay Thai Movement LogoHad an awesome time talking with Anthony Williams from about how he balances work, training, life AND creating his awesome technique videos. We also shoot the shit just talking about training in general along with his philosophy on training his students. Definitely don’t want to miss this one (Anthony likes to talk!)

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Damien Trainor muay thai guy podcast interview

MTG 026: Damien Trainor – K-Star Gym UK

Damien Trainor has done big things in the sport including fighting top competition, winning world championships and sharing his knowledge and passion for the sport at Don’t miss out on the insights and advice from this legend!

Click here to listen to MTG 026: Damien Trainor – Pro Fighter, K-Star Gym UK

Jay Matias muay thai interview

MTG 025: Jay Matias – Pro Fighter, Sitan Gym NY

Jay Matias always puts on an exciting show with his dynamic, explosive striking. My interview with him was truly insightful and I picked up a bunch of great tips on weight cutting, mentality and general training. Dude is a top ranked WBC fighter, don’t miss it!

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MTG 024: Fight Week Preparation

Having a routine during fight week is essential to getting your mind and body prepared for stepping into the ring. In this episode I go over my typical fight week and what I do in order to make weight, mentally prepare and celebrate my win!

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Jason "Ridiculous" Andrada muay thai podcast interview

MTG 023: Jason “Ridiculous” Andrada

Jason Andrada has looked awesome his first 2 pro fights and is looking to keep it up at Lion Fights 10. We talk his food fetish, positive mindset and general training advice that is sure to help you in one way or another!

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MTG 022: Top 5 Sacrifices Successful Fighters Make

If you want to take your Muay Thai seriously you will have to make a few sacrifices along the way. Fortunately all these “sacrifices” can be good things if you look at them in the right light. Are you willing to make these sacrifices?

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Striking Logo

MTG 021: Ty Pilgrim, “Striking” Promoter

Ty Pilgrim has been involved in kick boxing and Muay Thai for longer than I’ve been alive. His passion, knowledge and insight shines through this interview. If you are an amateur fighter or want to know how to start a promotion, listen to this episode!

Click here to listen to MTG 021: Ty Pilgrim, “Striking” Promoter

MTG 020: Wayne Barrett

Wayne Barrett muay thai guy podcast interviewWayne Barrett made a mark at Glory 9 NYC with an impressive KO. We discuss his transition from amateur to fighting on Glory and his mindset for fighting on the big stage. He also talks about his faith and how it has helped him get to where he is today.

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MTG 019: 5 Tips To Getting Out Of A Funk

Let’s face it getting in a bad mood sucks, but everyone gets in a funk now and then. Instead of wallowing in your own misery, it’s super important to know how to get out of it before it drags you down into a deeper slump. These tips and methods I share have helped me get out of funks and will help you get back on track!

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Erik Miskle muay thai guy podcast interview

MTG 018: Erik Miskle

Always good to catch up with old training buddies. Erik is a workhorse who puts in the time even being a new dad and working a demanding construction gig. He’s climbing the rankings in the Australian fight scene and it’s exciting to see where he’ll go next!

Click here to listen to MTG 018: Erik Miskle

Sean Fagan muay thai guy champion

MTG 017: 9 Qualities You Need To Become A Champion

Throughout the interviews with Muay Thai champions I’ve gotten a good idea for what type of qualities separate average fighters to elite champions. Do you have any of these qualites? Which ones do you think you need to develop better?

Click here to listen to MTG 017: 9 Qualities You Need To Become A Champion

Phoenix Carnevale muay thai guy podcast interview

MTG 016: Phoenix Carnevale

Phoenix Carnevale is one awesome chick. She is a ring side commentator for Take-On, MMA Journalist and an amateur Muay Thai fighter training under Phil Nurse. She has great insight on motivation, focus & having a positive attitude. Definetly a can’t miss!

Click here to listen to MTG 016: Phoenix Carnevale

Swollen foot muay thai injury

MTG 015: Best Recovery Methods For Muay Thai

Injuries suck. Dealing with bruises, sprains, swelling and fatigue sucks. Luckily you can treat your injuries with these recovery methods that are sure to help you get back into training in no time!

Click here to listen MTG 015: Best Recovery Methods For Muay Thai

Chris Mauceri muay thai podcast interview

MTG 014: Christian Mauceri

Always awesome to talk training with my friend and old training partner Chris Mauceri. Chris is 4-0 as a pro and will be fighting on the undercard for Glory 9 in NYC. He shares his insights about weight cutting, motivation and much more!

Click here to listen to MTG 014: Christian Mauceri

MTG 013: How To Mentally Prepare For A Fight

Ever get anxious or nervous before a fight? Yea, so do I. But with every fight I learned more and more about how to calm my emotions and go in the ring with relaxed confidence. Check out these methods to mentally prepare yourself for fight night!

Click here to listen to MTG 013: How To Mentally Prepare For A Fight

Mark Beecher muay thai podcast interview

MTG 012: Mark “The Hyena” Beecher

Mark “Hyena” Beecher is one of the top Muay Thai trainers in the world. He’s coached fighters like Kevin Ross, Chaz Mulkey, Joe Schilling, Forrest Griffin, Matt Brown, Cat Zingano and tons more. A great interview with awesome insight that you can’t miss!

Click here to listen to MTG 012: Mark “The Hyena” Beecher

MTG 011: Eddie “Showtime” Walker

Eddie Walker muay thai podcast interviewKO artist Eddie “Showtime” Walker talks about how he is able to balance  other areas in his life and still find time to train and compete in the highest level of the sport. Eddie shares great insight on how he mentally prepares himself for a fight, training and fighting in an 8-man tournament and much more!

Click here to listen to MTG 011: Eddie “Showtime” Walker

MTG 010: John Wayne Parr

John Wayne Parr with BeltsNo big deal but, I just talked Thai boxing with a living legend. In all seriousness though, John Wayne Parr is an icon of the sport but remains humble, down to earth and funny as hell. Listen to his great insight, advice and stories from his amazing career!

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Ognjen Topic muay thai interview

MTG 009: Ognjen Topic

Ognjen Topic is one of the rising stars of North American Muay Thai. He’s beaten top competition including former Lumpinee champion Paowarit Sasiprapa. How does he balance training and full time work? Sardines.

Click here to listen to MTG 009: Ognjen Topic

MTG 008: Joe “Stitch em up” Schilling

Joe Schilling muay thai guy podcast interviewIt doesn’t get more real than talking with Joe Schilling. He just says what’s on his mind and in doing so gives us some great insight on his training, mindset and weight cutting strategies. Can’t stop crazy!

Click here to listen to MTG 008: Joe “Stitch em up” Schilling

MTG 007: “Bazooka Joe”, Joseph Valtellini

Joseph Valtellini muay thai podcast interviewJoseph Valtellini is a BEAST! With almost all his knockouts coming from knockout and beating opponents with much more experience than him, he is definitely a top fighter to keep an eye on.

Click here to listen to MTG 007: “Bazooka Joe”, Joseph Valtellini

MTG 006: Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest

Tiffany Van Soest muay thai interviewTiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest is the current 122lbs WBC women’s champion and a super cool girl to talk to. She discusses her past and upcoming fights as well as shares her training routines, eating habits and mental strategies. You don’t want to miss it!

Click here to listen to MTG 006: Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest

MTG 005: Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross

Kevin Ross muay thai podcast interviewIt doesn’t get much cooler than talking Thai boxing with one of my favorite fighters! Kevin Ross gives us his insight on how to be successful as a fighter and some of his training tips. We talk about his career, how he started, why he continues to train and much more!

Click here to listen to MTG005: Kevin Ross, The Soul Assassin

MTG 004: Best Cross Training Activities For Muay Thai

In order to be successful in Thai boxing you gotta cross train. Plain and simple. In this episode I run through 10 cross training activities that should be a part of every serious nak muays training routine. These are some of exercises, workouts and activities that I personally do and that I know some professional athletes do to improve their strength, power, endurance, explosiveness, balance, speed and overall athletic ability.

Click here to listen to MTG004: Best Cross-Training Activities For Muay Thai

MTG 003: 9 Healthy Eating Habits For Fighters

Of course I get asked to cover nutrition while I’m in the toughest part of cutting weight for my title defense… you mean people. Anyway I cover 9 healthy eating habits that every fighter or student of Muay Thai should adapt in order to get the most out of their training and treat their body/mind right.

If you stick around to the end of the episode I also go over my top 5 pre and post workout snacks for people on the go!

Click here to listen to MTG003: 9 Healthy Eating Habits For Fighters

MTG 002: 10 Tips To Succeed In Muay Thai

discuss 10 essential tips to becoming successful in the world of Thai boxing. Whether you are training to compete or training for fun and fitness, you need to learn these important concept like setting goals, picking the right gym, persevering through challenges, enjoying the journey and much more! But remember these tips won’t help you if you don’t TAKE ACTION and implement them into your daily life!

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MTG 001: Intro, Who I am and What To Expect

Liz Kissing Me With BeltGet pumped! The Muay Thai Guy Podcast is made for passionate muay thai fighters, students and addicts like yourself to help improve your thai boxing training. Find out more about me, Sean Fagan, and why I started Muay Thai Guy and how I want to help you achieve your goals!

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