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The Best, Cheapest Muay Thai Equipment, Gear and Supplies For Your Muay Thai Training!

Buy the BEST muay thai equipment for your training! Find cheap deals, discounts and sales on top muay thai gear, apparel, clothing and supplies while checking out reviews from other muay thai practitioners to make sure it’s worth spending your hard earned cash on!

5 Best Online Shopping Tips

How to find the best, cheapest muay thai boxing equipment:

  1. Scroll down and click! Find the type of muay thai equipment or brand of equipment you want to buy or check out.
  2. Read Reviews! Each page will have reviews so you can see others opinions on certain pieces of muay thai training equipment!
  3. Ask For Advice! Ask me or other practitioners of muay thai for some advice on what type of muay thai boxing equipment you should buy!
  4. Buy it! Once you did your research and found the muay thai gear you want, just click on the product or link to buy and follow the directions to check out!
  5. Write A Review! If a product you bought was awesome let others know how great it is! If a product sucked help other people save their money!

fight hq muay thai equipmentBoxing Gloves

Find the best boxing gloves for your muay thai fight training here!

Muay Thai Shorts

Buy unique, customized muay thai shorts for your muay thai training!

Muay Thai Shin Guards

Protect your shins, toes and feet during muay thai technique training or sparring sessions with a solid pair of muay thai shin guards.

Muay Thai Head Gear

Get the best protection, quality and fit by checking out these reviews on head gear!

Mouth Guards

Unless you want to lose some teeth I’d suggest to buy a quality mouth guard.

Hand Wraps

Learn what hand wraps are best and how to wrap your hands for boxing and muay thai.

Groin Protection

You are crazy if you are sparring or fighting without a cup or groin protection.

muay thai equipment

Mitts and Pads

Thai pads, focus mitts, shields and belly pads are a MUST have for muay thai instructors and trainers.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Use all 8 points of muay thai during sparring with protective elbow and knee pads.

Muay Thai Ankle Supports

Support your ankles, keep them warm, lessen the sting from landing a kick with your foot and look bad ass!

Muay Thai Punching Bags

Buy your own punching bag for home so there is no excuse to miss a muay thai training session!


Training hard constantly? Consider buying some supplements to enhance your kick boxing training regimen!

Other Muay Thai Training Equipment

Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review

I hope this muay thai training equipment page helps you find the best, cheapest muay thai equipment and muay thai clothing! Feel free to post training gear reviews, ask for advice and help others too!

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