Muay Thai Armbands Meaning

What Do Muay Thai Armbands Mean?

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First things first… muay thai armbands are actually called the Druang Rang or the Prajioud (or Prajeer depending on the dialect).

The Prajioud (muay thai arm bands) were traditionally made from a torn piece of a mother’s surong (dress, skirt, cloth) and then given to be tied on the arm before muay thai fights for good luck and protection.

This tradition was originated during times of war where mother’s would see their sons go off to war and offer them good luck and protection.


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What is the Muay Thai Arm Bands Ranking System?

In Thailand there is no ranking system for the arm bands. This is a western concept to make Muay Thai more appealing to non fighters. Some western muay thai gyms do this to make a few extra bucks by having their gym members buy expensive, custom muay thai arm bands.

The color of the prajioud is irrelevant.

A muay thai boxing gym will have it’s own sacred arm bands (sometimes they contain bone fragments of respected elders who died or have been blessed by monks) and traditionally all muay thai fighters will use the same set regardless if it’s a 5 year old fighting his first fight or the most experienced muay thai fighter fighting a championship match at Lumpinee!

The true muay thai ranking is how all ranking should be; a fighter recognized as a master by his attitude and his real world fight experience and successes in the ring. Unlike other martial arts like karate, taekwondo etc, in muay thai you have to earn your “ranking” by stepping into the ring and fighting!

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