Muay Thai Ankle Supports

Are Muay Thai Ankle Wraps Helpful?

Absolutely! Here are the top reasons you should buy muay thai ankle supports to use in your muay thai classes or training sessions:

  • Helps support the ankles while moving and help prevent rolling your ankles over
  • Keeps your ankles warm
  • Takes some of the sting away if you land a kick with your foot
  • Provide traction and friction on the mat/ring if it happens to be slick or slippery
  • Ankle supports look cool and badass!!!

Muay Thai Ankle Supports Reviews and Prices

Click on your favorite muay thai ankle wraps, supports, guards or braces below to check them out and buy them!

Twins Specialtwins ankle supports



Twins Special is one of the most popular muay thai brands and always offers top quality gear. Choose from cool colors of ankle wraps that are sure to last you through tough muay thai training sessions!


besttwins muay thai ankle supports


TUFF has by far some of the best designs for ankle supports you can find. If you’re looking for some of the coolest ankle wrap designs for cheap, TUFF is a great option.


venum ankle wraps


“I use Venum for ankle support obviously and they look awesome. They support the ankle well and feel comfortable. Only cons are the decals peel and crack very easily.” – MMA Warehouse

Bad Boy

bad boy ankle supports


After reading reviews it seems like the price of Bad Boy is not worth the quality.

“An excellent snug fit, with great support, but i feel the construct wears down too quickly.” – MMA Warehouse

Shock Doctor

shock doctor ankle support

$14.99 – $39.99

Shock Doctor offers great protection and stability comparatively to other muay thai ankle guards. Although they are a bit more expensive they are a great bang for your buck and offer a variety to choose from!


mcdavid ankle support

$9.99 – $49.99

McDavid is just like Shock Doctor in the fact that their ankle supports offer great protection, are relatively more expensive (for the better ones) and have a wide variety to choose from!


kombat ankle supports


KOMBAT ankle guards are at a friendly price and you can choose between a handful of colors like black, red, blue, pink or yellow!


thaisman ankle supports


I don’t know much about the Thaisman muay thai brand so I really can’t say much about what I think about their ankle supports or other products. I’d suggest buying a different pair but if you like and know Thaisman then go for it!

Tips For Buying The Best Muay Thai Ankle Supports

There are a handful of differences between types of ankle supports, wraps, guards and braces you should consider before buying yourself a pair;

First, ankle braces made by Shock Doctor and McDavid aren’t made to look cool, they are made to help ensure ultimate protection and stabilization for your ankles during your muay thai training. Although some of them are more expensive, they definitely offer better protection from ankle injuries

Second, muay thai ankle wraps made from TUFF, Twins Special, Kombat, Venum and Bad Boy have unique designs and slip on and off very easily but don’t offer as much protection as the higher end, more expensive ankle guards.

Third, if you plan on using your muay thai ankle supports every time you train then you might want to consider buying more than one pair. Not only will this help keep your gear clean, but you’ll be able to match whatever muay thai shorts you happen to be wearing that training session!

Should Muay Thai Ankle Supports, Wraps and Braces
Be Used In Every Muay Thai Class?

It all depends on your situation. You should/could where muay thai ankle guards every tim you train If you;

  • Have a lingering ankle injury
  • Find yourself slipping on the mat occasionally
  • Want to take some of the sting away from landing a kick with your foot
  • Like the way they look

Now if you only have one pair of ankle supports and wear them multiple times a week, you should consider getting a couple pairs so they don’t stink up the training floor. Plus if you’re like me, you’ll want to be matching and chances are not all your muay thai ankle wraps will match your muay thai shorts!

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