MTM: High-Level Sparring Strategy

Muay Thai Monday… Spar Like A Champion

Sparring is where all skills come together. What you can do in sparring often determines what you will do when actually fighting.

What can you do more of in your sparring sessions to better your fighting experiences? How do you take what you’ve drilled on the pads and heavy bag and apply that to sparring? Is there one specific technique that you can’t seem to counter or find an answer for?

Fret not! This week, on Muay Thai Mondays, the boys are back: Sean Fagan, Paul Banasiak, and Chris Mauceri will be providing sparring tips, drills, and strategies.

In this episode, Sean, Paul, and Chris cover the following topics:

How to fight aggressive, pressure fighters

How to use the long guard 

How to defend teeps

How to counter roundhouse kicks

How to land head kicks

…and much, much more!


Muay Thai Mondays – Every Week, Always Muay Thai

Each Monday, Sean will host a live stream on his Facebook page Muay Thai Guy. There he will cover any topic, ranging from Muay Thai techniques to weight cutting, from strength and conditioning to training mindsets. If there is a topic you want to see Sean tackle, please a suggestion in the comments of the video or ask Sean yourself in the Q&A’s he does at the end of each live stream.

Want more sparring tips, drills, and strategies? Is there a specific technique or type of fighter that’s causing you problems? All of your questions and needs may be answered in the Sparring School DVD.

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Sparring School DVD

Worried Sparring School doesn’t have an answer to your questions? Every Monday @ 9 AM EST, Sean will be live streaming on his Facebook page Muay Thai Guy. He will cover topics from techniques, fight strategy, mindset, nutrition, etc. He will also answer any and all questions you have about Muay Thai, entrepreneurship, life, etc.

If you seek to master Muay Thai, follow Muay Thai Guy on Facebook & join us for the live stream every Monday @ 9 AM EST.

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