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Krabi Krabong is something that most Thai kids will be familiar with as they will usually learn this in school but Muay Thai is the combat system that most people associate with Thailand. This other Thai martial art is a fighting style that uses weapons and body strikes to defeat an opponent. It is used by the Thai military and the Royal bodyguards of the King are trained in this system.

The fact that it’s a less known thai martial art does not mean that it is less effective than muay thai or muay boran. The reality is that this system is the jewel in the crown of Thai combat, and most of the techniques that can be found in modern Muay Thai originated from Krabi Krabong. It is a fighting style that was developed through real combat, and the effectiveness of this martial art is supported by the fact that the Thai army had so much success defeating invaders.

This Ancient Thai Martial Art Explained

The term Krabi Krabong refers to two of the weapons that are used in this marital art. The Krabi is a type of single edged sword while the Krabong is a type of long pole. There are also other weapons used in this fighting system including:

– A slashing sword called the daab. It is common to use two daab at the same time for increased effectiveness– one in each hand.

– There are also a number of different types of shield that can be used to defend against attack including the loh, khehn, and dahng

– A long staff with a mental blade on the end that can be used for stabbing and slashing – this is called a Plawng.

The Fighting System

This thai martial art is famous for involving weapons, but it also makes uses of open hand strikes, elbows, knees, punches, wrestling, and kicks – it is a complete fighting system. Practitioners in this art move like acrobats, and this is why demonstrations of this martial art are fascinating to watch. While these shows are usually choreographed it is worth keeping in mind that all the techniques used are effective and can be deadly.

The weapons used specifically created for demonstration purposes as they are less likely to cause injury. The participants in these shows make it look easy but it takes many years of practice to become skilled at Krabi Krabong.

When students first being their journey in this ancient thai martial art, they will start with the main weapons and learn some basic techniques for these. Once they have become proficient at these basic moves they will then usually move onto learning the dances (similar to the forms or kata used in other martial arts). When they become competent enough they can begin sparring with demonstration weapons.

How to Learn Krabi Krabong

There is growing international interest in this other thai martial art, and there are a few masters teaching this art in the US and in other western countries. The best place to learn this fighting system is of course in Thailand and some of the options here would include:

Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket offers classes Mondays to Fridays with Khru Oh. These lessons can provide a good introduction to those who are not yet familiar with this ancient thai martial art.

– Another venue in Phuket is at Saphanhin Park, Football stadium where instruction is provided by Kru Preang ( )

– Buddhai Swan Sword Fighting Institute is located in Ayuthaya, and this is probably the number one school willing to teach foreigners.

Written by contributor, Paul Garrigan

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