Muay Thai Workout Plans and Routines

The Best Muay Thai Training Routines and Exercises

These free Muay Thai workout plans have some of the best explosive, power and speed exercises for your Muay Thai training routine! Get ripped and improve your strength, power, endurance and stamina with these extreme, free workout routines and training programs for Muay Thai fighters and students!

Scroll down and click on the type of exercises or Muay Thai workouts that you are looking for.

My Favorite Muay Thai Workouts, Circuits, Drills And Exercises

Muay Thai abs workouts and core circuits

Heavy bag workouts, training and conditioning tips

Best bodyweight workout routines, circuits and exercises

Traditional Muay Thai workout routine

Muay Thai low kick drill

A badass Muay Thai sparring drill – rope sparring

My hand speed workout for Muay Thai

Best kettlebell exercises for Muay Thai

The Gauntlet Workout – Muay Thai circuit, by Funk Roberts

Kettlebell workout for Muay Thai fighters

Top 10 plyometric exercises for Muay Thai


All of these workouts are designed to improve your Muay Thai training, techniques and conditioning so you feel confident for your next hard sparring session or big fight! Keep track of your progress with a free Muay Thai workout log!

Whether you participate in Muay Thai training or you’re just looking to get ripped, lose weight or get in shape, I encourage you to keep an open your mind and try all types of exercises programs and workout plans you normally wouldn’t consider doing. Constantly challenging your body and mind by learning and performing new training routines. This will help you improve your health and fitness no matter what goals you have!

Not to mention if you continuously do the same workout programs and exercises, chances are your body will begin to adapt to the movements and you’ll hit a fitness plateau where you won’t see much improvement. The key is to:


5 Key Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your Muay Thai Training Workouts and Routines

  1. Write down your workout routines and exercises! Keep track of your progress so you can see how much you have improved and what you can do in case you hit a plateau!
  2. Push your body and mind past it’s normal comfort zone when you do these intense, extreme, explosive workout programs… but don’t push it so far you injure yourself!
  3. Learn how to split up your training sessions throughout the week to give your body enough time to rest and recover between workouts
  4. If possible, workout with a Muay Thai training partner! You always go harder whenever you have a buddy around to push you.
  5. Figure out what the best exercises and free workout plans work best for you! Continue to try new exercises and workouts until you’ve learned how to do a wide variety of programs, movements and exercises!

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