Want To Be A Fight Reporter?

Do you want free press passes to some of the best fights in your area?

If you want to be a Muay Thai Guy fight reporter to have the potential to cover your favorite fight promotions for free, see if you fit the qualifications below:

1. You need to be experienced, educated and in love with muay thai.
In order to be a serious muay thai fight reporter, you need to know what you’re talking about. If you are new and still learning about the sport, it would be hard to write about upcoming fights or review recent fight events.

2. You need to be close to fights.
Right now I am looking for fight reporters for the following areas:

US (west coast)
United Kingdom

If you are nearby fight promotions, you will have the opportunity to be a press agent/fight reporter for Muay Thai Guy and get free access to the event.

3. You need to write about the upcoming event.
You can just expect to go to a show never writing about it prior to it happening. You will need to write fight previews, predictions and news stories about the event in order to really cover the fights the way they need to be covered. In order to get started, email the form below for consideration:

[contact-form-7 id=”3200″ title=”Fight Reporter Inquiry”]

Note: The compensation for covering fights you get to attend the fights for FREE! You will get behind the scenes access and be able to write about the sport and fighters you are so passionate about. You also have potential to grow and be a major part of Muay Thai Guy and eventually become a paid fight reporter!