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What's up! Welcome to the most badass course on the Muay Thai clinch. Start by taking a look at the welcome video to get an idea of my philosophy on the clinch and then check out all of the tutorials and breakdowns to start becoming a BEAST in the clinch!

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Basic Positions

Learning the ins and outs of the basic positions you'll find yourself in while clinching will be a huge advantage as you progress inside the clinch. Make sure to take your time and really perfect the fundamentals because it will make everything so much easier and more efficient in the long run!


If you've ever taken a knee to the body or the head you know how much it can hurt. When you're battling inside the clinch, you can land a knee to the sternum to knock the wind out of your opponents sails or crush their skull with a knee straight to the dome. Either way, these knee techniques are crucial to know if you want to be a complete fighter.

Defensive Manuevers

There will be times in the clinch where you feel outmatched or you simple just want to disengage so you can stand and bang. These defensive maneuvers include off-balancing techniques, clinch avoidance, and pummeling methods to ensure you get superior position one way or another.


Obviously, elbows can do some serious damage when landed, but knowing how to throw the elbows correctly will definitely have an effect on the amount of damage and whether or not you can actually land them. These videos will breakdown a handful of elbow techniques to utilize during your next fight.

Slick Sweeps

Not only does sweeping your opponent score you major points in the context of a fight, but it can also hurt and demoralize your opponent since he will constantly on his back having to pick himself up. Although sweeps can be complicated, I'm a believer in perfecting some of the basics from various positions. If you keep it simple when it comes to the sweeps it will drastically improved your clinch game.

Badass Bonus #1 - Neck and Grip Strength Workout

Having a sore neck sucks! Although they can be hard to avoid, you can still take precautions by working on building your necks strength. Also, by improving your grip strength, you'll be the one who's able to yank down on your opponents neck with more leverage!

Badass Bonus #2 - Breakdown and Analysis by Lawrence Kenshin

Being a student of the game and really learning the ins and outs of various aspects (in this case the clinch) will take your skills to a new level. In these breakdowns by Lawrnece Kenshin, you'll learn a handful of useful techniques that top fighters Yodsanklai, Buakaw, and Simon Marcus use in their fights!