Attention martial artists and fighters who want to absolutely dominate their opponents: 

“Amazingly Simple Techniques And Secrets
To Make It Easy To Knee, Elbow And Slam Your Training Partners And Bigger Opponents In The Muay Thai Clinch!”

Imagine the look on your training partners face as you slam him on his back over and over and over again.

Easily tossing and turning him in any position, using his strength and momentum against him, and landing brutal knees and elbows without barely breaking a sweat.

Now imagine as he picks himself up from the ground after you’ve put him on his back numerous times and how envious he, and the rest of your friends and training partners, will be of your new found confidence and skill.

From Sean Fagan:

What’s up!

When I started Muay Thai I (like many other beginners) I hated the clinch. I would do everything possible to avoid it during classes, sparring sessions and especially fights since I would find myself being swept, kneed, and elbowed with ease.

I especially hated clinching bigger, stronger guys because they would use their brute strength to pull down on my neck, bruise my ribs with hard knees, and toss me around like a rag doll.

After a number of frustrating times being man handled in the clinch by biggers training partners, and after a couple losses due my lack of skill in the clinch, I realized that I needed to improve my clinch FAST if I wanted to continue having fun training Muay Thai. Knowing that the clinch was the weakest part of my game caused me a lot more stress, anxiety, and worry knowing that I could easily be handled if someone were to grab a hold of me.

There was one fight in particular where a weaker opponent had his way with me in the clinch. It really shined a light on the fact that almost anyone could out clinch me... that is when I finally decided to do something about it!

After multiple trips to Thailand clinching with Thai’s and working my ass off making sure I didn’t neglect clinch technique or sparring during trainings sessions at home, now I was the one having the upper hand in the clinch!

You should have seen the look on my training partners faces (especially my bigger training partners) after coming back from one of my trips to Thailand… It was priceless!

Now, if you asked me a few years if I enjoyed clinching at all, I would’ve thought you were crazy! Of course I didn’t think the clinch was fun back then (mainly because I sucked at it).

But today, working in the clinch is one of my favorite things to do because I feel more confident, controlled, and dominant than ever before. Not only that, but I'm able to hold my own and even sweep the bigger, stronger training partners that used to give me trouble and leave me crippled over in pain! Now I’m the one tossing my training partners around like rag dolls… not the other way around!

How Was I Able To Quickly Change From Being The Weak And Pathetic Guy In The Clinch To The One Who Is Dropping Dudes With Elbows, Knees and Brutal Slams?

- Chris Mauceri

“When Sean came back from Thailand, he brought a ton of tricks and techniques back with him that have helped improve his clinch game.”

I can tell you first hand from training with Sean that he used to suck in the clinch, and it was the last place he’d be likely to spend time training or in a fight. Now instead of beating him up in the clinch, I end up being the one getting dumped on my face! If you want to learn some valuable techniques that will help take your game to the next level, so you can be the guy beating up and tossing your opponents, this clinch course was made for you!

- Chris Mauceri Professional Fighter for Lion Fights Promotion

Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time training and beating on my craft, but it was surprisingly just a little period of time when I made the biggest leap in my game - and it was when I finally made the decision to embrace the clinch rather than avoid it.

I knew I needed to train SMARTER, with more focus, and more consistency in the clinch… so I did! Between traveling to Thailand three times, visiting multiple gyms in my area of the US, and doing a ton of research on the best, most effective clinch techniques, I finally started to feel more comfortable, confident and dominant in the clinch!

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars traveling to Thailand to become a force to be reckoned with inside the Thai clinch. Heck, you don’t even have to worry about doing any additional research. You know why?

Because I’ve done all the homework and research for you!

- Sean George

“As a Muay Thai fighter at the ripe age of 42 with some injuries I need to work around, Sean’s videos are perfect because they are very simple to follow and allow me to figure out techniques that work best for me!”

I am also the owner of C3 Athletics in Stamford CT and I highly recommend using these videos to my students and trainers. You are not “cheating”on your gym by watching and learning from these easy-to-follow videos, if anything, you are giving your trainers even more techniques to work with!

Sean Fagan is a top level Muay Thai fighter from New York, and being a New Yorker myself, I have had followed him for some time now. If you are a seasoned pro or brand new to the sport just looking to get in shape and improve your technique, I highly recommend you try out these videos. I have already used some of these new moves on my trainers, which is always fun!!!

- Sean George Owner of C3 Athletics - Stamford, Connecticut

The difference between a martial artist who dominates in the clinch and one who is sadly pathetic comes down to the simple application of these techniques, drills, strategies and overall mindset.

Yea, yea, I know. You’re probably skeptical about all of this… as well you should be! I mean you’ve probably seen this all before.

You can’t go anywhere online without being put in front some kind of website or ads bragging about how quickly they can turn you into a clinching beast. And it sounds too good to be true right?

Well in this case, it’s not, because it CAN be learned… if you go about it the right way. (I'm living proof)

If you learn the right techniques, practice the right drills, and understand that positions that can turn you into a Clinch King, then you’ll be landing bone breaking knees and slamming your opponents on the canvas in just a matter of time!

And in the meantime, those bigger, stronger training partners that use to have their way with you will now be asking you “How the HELL did you just do that?”

Imagine Turning The Weakest Part Of Your Game

Into Your Strongest, Most Dangerous Muay Thai Weapon

How awesome would that be?

Picture yourself in the gym during training. You see the same strong guys dominating the clinch and having their way with everyone who decides to try and clinch with them. They slam everyone on their backs, brutalize them with knees, and land elbows at will… and then you come along.

With your new found confidence and skills, now you are on the same level as them. And even though they might be bigger and stronger, it's YOU who are now the guy who is controlling the pace and landing knees, elbows and sweeps at will!

STOP Being a Victim Of The Thai Clinch

and START Being A Total Badass ... Starting Tomorrow!

It doesn’t matter what your current ability, size and skill level is because everything I’m about to show you is invaluable and can be used by anyone. If you struggle each practice to keep up with the bigger, stronger, more experienced guys… this comprehensive video course and training guide is 100% for you. I guarantee that it will turn the tide on the same exact training partners who make you look foolish every time you clinch them!

Avoid Rookie Mistakes, Learn Awesome Moves and 

Become An Absolute BEAST ...

This entire course is called “Clinch King” because it will make you the ruler of the Thai clinch! It’s essentially your gateway to learning the clinch secrets and techniques to become an animal inside the clinch regardless of your size and experience and WITHOUT all the frustrations you’d normally go through learning the intricacies of the clinch.

We’ll cover everything from entering and exiting the clinch with strikes…

We’ll also go over simple and super effective sweeps…

And of course knees and elbows from inside AND outside the clinch position…

And much, much more!

I’ll show you the exact steps AND provide you with useful tips to ensure you learn what you need to know to improve your confidence in the clinch and save you TONS of time learning these awesome techniques! And you don’t have to spend more than a couple hours learning it!

Not to mention, you’re getting a SHORTCUT to clinch success!

Trust me, I’ve been tossed by 100 pound Thai fighters enough times to know that technique rules the clinch game. I spent countless hours drilling with them, as well as fighters back in the states to learn the techniques found in this epic video course.

I’ve also had the time to pick the brains of dozens of professional fighters including Joseph Valtellini, Kevin Ross, Joe Schilling, Wayne Barrett, John Wayne Parr and others to learn how they are able to get the most out of their time training Muay Thai.

I’ve also been interviewed by The Striking Corner, Bad Guy Muay Thai, Muay Thai Project, Muay Thai is Life, Friday Night Fights and other Muay Thai media outlets to share what I have learned during my time training in the states and in Thailand.

Although all of that is fun, THIS is my focus: Helping other martial artists and fighters around the world (like yourself) to not just SURVIVE in the clinch, but to DOMINATE it!

I've Been Able To Help 1,000's of Other Martial Artists And Regular Guys

Skyrocket Their Fighting Skills And Now It's YOUR Turn

Mike Burke

“My students have gained more confidence and become more technical in the clinch, with the help of these videos.”

I’m the owner The Institute Muay Thai, in Morganville, NJ. We train people looking to just get in shape, all the way up to professional fighters. One of the things that separates us from a lot of other schools, is our attention to detail and technique. When Sean Fagan said he was doing a video course on clinch techniques, I was interested to see what he was going to bring to the table, interested if I could use it in my own curriculum. Well, the answer is yes!!! 

Sean is a well respected fighter and trainer in the East Coast Muay Thai community, so i really didn’t expect anything less, but Sean still over performed and created an exceptional product! He delivered the techniques in a detailed manner and with the little nuances that most video courses lack. I am proud to say that I use these videos, and I assign them to my students as “homework” to learn techniques in the clinch. I would recommend Sean’s video series for sure!

Mike Burke Owner and Trainer at The Institute Muay Thai

The techniques, strategies, and drills I’m about to show you will immediately help you take your clinch game to the next level by making it simpler and more effective.

IN NO TIME, you will be able to implement many of these techniques and concepts to your clinch game so you will have the upper hand when you engage inside the clinch.

You’ll be landing clean elbows, bruising your opponents ribs with knees, demoralizing training partners by sweeping them on their back, and feel completely comfortable and confident entering, exiting and defending the clinch.

While most video courses will give you a general idea on most of the basics and some advanced techniques of the Thai clinch, this all-inclusive video course goes into great detail and breakdowns the techniques so even a toddler can understand. 

This way you’ll actually be able to implement all these badass techniques RIGHT AWAY!

I’m not some kind of super-human guru thing, I’m just a normal guy who has dedicated his life to training, fighting and teaching Muay Thai.  This entire course is a collection of YEARS of analysis, drilling, fighting, training, and teaching that I’ve compiled all together just for you.

What do I get when I order

"Clinch King"?

When you purchase the “Clinch King” program, you will get a comprehensive video course to help you become a beast in every area of your clinch game.

This entire program is designed to help anyone from the little guys to the heavyweights. It will also help all experience levels from complete beginners to the seasoned fighters become kings of the clinch. . Not only is this program practical, but it’s fun, effective and super easy to implement into your training immediately!

5 Different Modules Which Cover Every Aspect Of The Clinch

Which Include...

* Sweeps To Slam Your Opponent On His Back

In just a matter of minutes you'll have a whole arsenal of simple, effective and tricky sweeps to start implementing into your Muay Thai arsenal of attacks. With detailed instructions on how to perform each sweep technique correctly, you'll have the power to slam anyone (even the bigger, more athletic guys) on their back!

* Entering The Clinch Secrets

Fighting in the clinch is one thing, but actually getting inside is a whole other ball game! Learn the secrets of entering the clinch with strikes, fakes and other techniques so you can land killer  knees and elbows to put fear into your opponent!

* Toss And Turn Your Opponent With Complete Control

Being able to control your opponents center of gravity will leave them open for you to land devastating knees and cutting elbows. Not only that, but you'll also be able to use new tricks to slam your opponent hard on his back!

* How To Develop A Brutal Knees Inside and Outside the Clinch

Knees are one of the most damaging strikes to hit your opponent with, so learning how to throw them with proper technique will be crucial in making the most out of kneeing opportunities. Learn the ins an outs of how to throw knees while you're on the outside AND engaging inside the clinch.

* Mastering Advanced Striking Techniques

Although basic techniques are what you mainly should focus on, it's great to have advanced strikes in your toolbox to whip out when you are feeling confident or want to show off you new found skills. I mean, how badass is it being able to throw jumping spike elbows, flying knees, and spinning elbows?

* My Highly Effective Go-To Clinch Sweep!

One of my favorite sweeps that I'm able to slam nearly all my opponents with is one of the simplest to execute! Even though it's easy to learn, it's still super effective inside the clinch during my training sessions and in my fights. If you learn this technique you'll be dropping your training partners the next time you train in the clinch!

* Secrets For Exiting/Avoiding The Clinch

Sometimes it's a good idea to avoid getting clinched by an opponent, especially when they happen to have a strong clinch game. And even when your opponent is able to get a hold of you, it's important to know how to exit the clinch properly so you avoid any attacks and deal some major damage of your own!

* Defensive Tools To Avoid Damage And Gain Superior Position

The clinch can be very frustrating if you are constantly getting tossed, turned, kneed and swept, and that's why learning defensive maneuvers to gain superior position and land your own strikes is key for anyone looking to improve their fight game. It's also a pain in the ass getting your neck yanked every two seconds, and these techniques will break your opponents grip and give you the upper hand!

And much, much more!

So basically…

It’s for people like you and me!

This entire course has ONE thing in mind: To GIVE you the blueprint to dominate the clinch and feel more confident, comfortable, and stronger whenever you engage in close quarters.

Just Think - No More Struggling Against Bigger, Stronger Opponents

And No More Embarrassment Of Being Dominated In Training 

Anthony Williams

“At 5’6”, 130 lbs, I am able to toss guys around that are almost twice my size!”

I’m one of the smallest guys at my gym and as an instructor it is my job to teach and show my students that technique comes before everything. “Clinch King” is an awesome instructional program that allows me to do just that! Not only is it a great refresher program but it has also taught me some really cool new tricks along the way! Sean is well respected in the Muay Thai community and he does an awesome job demonstrating and breaking down, in detail, each technique. I have absolute faith in recommending this product to any of my students no matter how big or small they are! This program is for both beginners and advanced guys alike!

Also included were 3 bonus, Lawrence Kenshin breakdown videos that were awesome to watch because you can actually see the same exact techniques being used in a live match! Not only do they help you further understand the application of the techniques, they prove that this stuff actually works! Do yourself a favor and pick up the “Clinch King” today! You can never spend to much time training in the clinch!

Anthony Williams Instructor at Daddis Fight Camp

If you have the desire and determination to follow my program, you can become a monster in no time.

You’ll start elbowing, kneeing, slamming, defending, off-balancing, and exiting the clinch like a pro the next time you hit the gym!

And it will all become natural and second-nature to you since your previous bad habits and poor techniques have been replaced with new, improve, and just plain badass skills. So you won’t even have to think about it, because you’ll just do it!

Your friends, family, training partners, coaches (and even probably your future opponents) will be DYING to know your secrets for becoming SO GOOD and SO QUICKLY.

Not only will you be a total stud in the clinch, but you will feel an incredible amount of confidence knowing you have what it takes to hold your own against the bigger, more experienced guys.

You no longer feel embarrassed or insecure. You no longer avoid clinch class because of the fear of getting swept every two seconds. You are feeling LESS stressed and self-conscious about how your drill and work inside the Thai clinch.

Transform Yourself Into

A Wise, Powerful, Dominant "Clinch King"

That Others Will Admire and Respect

So go ahead and download the comprehensive video course that I’ve created… you’ll be watching it in a few minutes and you’ll be using the same techniques the next time you train!

You’ll learn the best tips, techniques, and drills I’ve learned from all my experience training in the US and in Thailand as well as all the research I’ve done throughout my years of training and fighting.

When you begin learning and USING these “secrets” in your game, you will be able to complete sweeps, land knees, and place elbows with a much higher success rate than you ever have before!

You’ll increase your confidence, feel more relaxed, and know how to deal with someone bigger, stronger, or more experienced than yourself.

So What's The Deal?

What's The Investment For This Complete Video Course?

Let me ask you something…

What’s the price you can put on cutting out the extra hours of frustrating training sessions where you feel like you aren’t improving in the slightest and are constantly getting your ass handed to you?

What about the price of feeling the best you’ve ever felt inside the clinch and finally being able to have your way with your training partners?

When some people decide they have had enough of being embarrassed inside the clinch and REALLY want to learn how to control the inside game, they may hire a Kru or Fighter to take a few private lessons (which can add up REALLY quickly).

Well, I went a thousand times further by flying thousands of miles to Thailand (three separate times) to train with former champions and experienced trainers. Not just the “certified Kru” at your local MMA gym, but certified badasses who have been in the Muay Thai fight game since they were 6 years old. But in all honesty, not everyone has the extra money to do that… I didn’t even really have the money either, but I made it happen.

For personal lessons, I charge $100+ per hour... which I know isn’t cheap either. And if I charged you “by the hour”  for the course you’re about to watch, you would go BROKE considering all the time, effort and thought put into it (even though the course is much better than private lessons because you can watch it over and over again.)

Hell, I’ve spent well over $10,000 over the years (that’s a modest number too) traveling to Thailand, fighting in the US, attending seminars and purchasing training DVD’s, books and guides…

But since I can offer you what I’ve learned, and put it all into one extremely detailed, comprehensive course, you don’t have to read the HUNDREDS of books I’ve read or watch the insane amount of hours of video I watched… or spend HUNDREDS of dollars attending seminars, taking private lessons or buying videos from other top level fighters… OR spend the THOUSANDS of dollars to train in Thailand!

For a short time only, I’m offering a very limited HALF-OFF DISCOUNT. If you order today, your investment in becoming a “Clinch King” is now only $97.00 $47.00!

But wait! For a limited time only, you can save even MORE with this special offer...

$47 $23!

For Less Than A Cup of Coffee A Day For 30 Days

You Don't Have To Worry About Performing Poorly In The Clinch EVER Again!

Are you serious and dedicated enough to trade a cup of coffee (or one night out of eating and drinking) to improve your Muay Thai clinch game and become the BEST, most confident martial artist and fighter you can possibly be?

For only $47…I’ll help you get the skills you need to slam, knee, elbow and defend bigger, more experienced opponents EASIER than ever before.

That’s less than HALF of what you’d pay for a ONE hour of a private session with the fighters and trainers I’ve personally learned from.

Look, you don’t need another YouTube with thousands of random videos and movies that are done with poor quality and instruction. You need the “what to do” and “how to do it” instruction to help you finally succeed in ALL areas of the Thai clinch.

Get in Now and You Will Receive Over $100 In

Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

If You Invested In These Courses 

Individually, You Would Have To Pay $100

But When You Get In Today I Will Be Including Them For FREE!

Badass Bonus #1

Neck and Grip Strength Workout

Tired of having your neck become ridiculously stiff and sore after clinching?

This short video workout will provide you with the key exercises you should be doing in order to improve your strength specifically inside the clinch. We all know how much technique plays a huge role in dominating the clinch, but without a strong neck and grip it will make it that much more difficult to control your opponent and land strikes at will. Get this badass bonus instantly to start to:

*** Build your neck strength so your training partners and opponents have trouble pulling your head down for knees or pulling you side-to-side. Not to mention this will help make your neck much LESS sore after clinch sessions!

*** Develop your clinch strength with simple grip enhancing exercises. Not only will these exercises help develop your grip strength, but your entire upper body and core will see improvement as well!

***Follow my own personal workout or create your own neck and grip strength workout based on the exercises in this bonus video!

*** and much, much more!


Badass Bonus #2

Complete Clinch Breakdown and Analysis by Lawrence Kenshin

If you haven't watched any of Lawrence Kenshins video breakdowns you are missing out on some amazing analysis from some of the top Muay Thai and MMA fighters in the world. The breakdowns included in this course are priceless considering how much you can learn from them!

His super detailed, informative breakdowns have shined a light of the beautiful technique demonstrated by guys like Buakaw, Saenchai, Anderson Silva, Duke Roufus, Samart Payakaroon, Semmy Schilt and other badasses. In this awesome addition to the "Clinch King" video course, you'll find breakdowns of:

***The inside elbow techniques of the #1 Pound-For-Pound Fighter Yodsanklai Fairtex

***Multiple Muay Thai Champion Simon Marcus' dominant body positioning and turning inside the clinch.

***Buakaw's ability to avoid getting punched, enter the clinch, and dominate with brutal knees.

*** And much more!

You'll get "Clinch King" Instant Access Course including all the modules, Plus "Clinch Anaylsis and Breakdown By Lawrence Kenshin" for FREE, plus the "Neck And Grip Strength Clinch Workout" .That's WELL over $100 of badass bonuses for Free!

- John Ferrara

I feel more comfortable and confident in my clinch game thanks to the detailed explanations, and bonus breakdowns, which are badass, I might add.

I am a 41 year old who has been doing Muay Thai for the past 6 years. I am not an amateur or professional fighter, but I do spar, and I’m very interested in staying in shape, self-defense, and the martial arts.

No matter how long or often I train, I know that learning new techniques and refining old ones is essential. This clinch video course is awesome! The techniques are easy to follow and safe to drill, thanks to the step-by-step instruction.

Sean is a well known, trusted instructor and fighter who is highly respected in the Muay Thai community. I love watching his instructional videos and look forward to the next online course. Keep them coming Sean!

- John Ferrara Insurance Worker

Our 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I whole heartedly believe this complete clinch course is the fastest, easiest, and BEST way for you to improve ALL aspects of your Thai clinch.

Even though I may be super confident in this course, I understand that you might still have some doubt whether this guide can live up to my claims. Since I’m so confident in the quality of this course, please, let me eliminate all worry for you…

Get this video course now and use the proven techniques and strategies that I’ve learned and condensed from my fight career and the top champion fighters and instructors from all around the world including Thailand.

If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever with what the course has done for you and your clinch game… simply let me know, and any time in the next 30 days you’ll get a fast and courteous refund, no questions asked.

So basically what I’m trying to say is, don’t decide now if this guide is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

If you haven’t gotten more than your money’s worth, or if you haven’t seen INCREDIBLE improvement in your success rate sweeping your training partners or landing knees during clinch sparring, then just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

It’s true. If, after diligently following my instructions and practicing at least fifteen minutes every day for 30 days, you honestly feel that you haven’t improved a bit using my technique tutorials or tips and you feel like it has been a waste of your time, I want you to write and tell me about it. I don’t want to sell anybody anything that doesn’t help you improve your Muay Thai!

I’m not worried about this offer because I know most people are honest folks and will hold up your end of the bargain by training hard and training consistently. More importantly, I’m 100% positive I can help your game and have a big impact in just 30 days.

Don Heatrick

“Sean’s put together a valuable resource to help you gain a genuine technical edge in the clinch.”

The clinch has a special place in my heart, it’s won me a lot of fights in the past.

When your opponent knows they’re stronger in the clinch than you, they can easily dominate – even if you’re stronger at every other range. Don’t give them that advantage, invest in an effective clinch game, it’ll payback with interest in the ring. Trust me, it scares the crap out of the other guy, and there’s nothing more inevitable than the clinch range when you want it and they don’t!

All you need to do is put in the practice. I encourage you to bolster your arsenal with sound clinch skill, I guarantee it’ll get you out of some sticky situations.

Don Heatrick Heatrick Strength & Conditioning For Muay Thai

This Will Be A Game Changer For You!

You get it all (PLUS the badass bonuses) risk free!

Look, I’ve read all the books and taken all the private lessons for you. I’ve watched all of the instructional videos and read all of the Muay Thai magazines. Hell, I even paid thousands of dollars to train in Thailand a combined 3 times to make sure I could learn as much as possible about the clinch game.

Sure, there are plenty of “online kru’s” or “professional fighters” out there who say and think they are dedicated to Muay Thai since they have trained for a few years and taken a handful of private lessons… That’s not even CLOSE to the amount of time, effort, and money I’ve spent to make this epic video course come to life.

Save the frustration and use my experience as your shortcut guide to quickly become a Muay Thai force of nature. You'll be slamming your opponents, landing brutal knees, throwing cutting elbows and absolutely dominating in the clinch even against bigger guys like you’ve never done before… GUARANTEED!

Click on the "Order Now" button and get the entire course instantly and start using my techniques and strategies the next time you hit the gym to train.

All the best,

Sean Fagan

P.S. I can tell you from first hand experience how much better your time spent training the clinch will be.

Like I said before, when I learned these secrets to completely control my opponents I was able to go from frustrated and hating the clinch to loving it! Now I feel like my clinch is one of my biggest strengths and most dangerous aspects of my game!

Today, I find myself WANTING to engage in the clinch much more and being much more successful in dumping my opponent, landing knees and just feeling more comfortable and confident.

You'll be free from worry, anxiety and stress of not performing as well as you'd like to. You'll be super confident, comfortable and proud of the way you are able to defend your training partners plum, off-balance anyone who engages with you, and land knees at will. Click on the "Order Now" button below to get the course now!

Can you imagine how you'll feel when you're actually excited to train the clinch against the bigger, more athletic guys because now you have the know-how to actually sweep, knee, elbow and defend them?

P.P.S. Don't Forget - you also get a 30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, if you feel like this course hasn't helped you improve your clinch game and has been a waste of time, I'll refund you 100% of your money ASAP!

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to at least try? Imagine, just a few hours from now learning the techniques and strategies that will turn you into an absolute Muay Thai monster. Your constant worry about your weak clinch game will be eliminated and replaced by swagger and confidence about how solid your clinching skills are.

I've done it myself. I've been interviewed on websites and podcasts about my Muay Thai game and I have thousands of customers who have learned priceless information and techniques from my website, blog and products... and now it's your turn! Become a "Clinch King" Now and click on the Order button below!

If you want the confidence of being a real fighter who can toss other guys around like rag dolls and be able to show off your new clinch skills during training and fights, then you owe it to yourself to click below now!

Remember, you'll get INSTANT access to this entire course - including all 5 modules and badass bonuses - because we've made this program 100% digital! Check it out below:

You'll get "Clinch King" Instant Access Course including all the modules, Plus "Clinch Anaylsis and Breakdown By Lawrence Kenshin" for FREE, plus the "Neck And Grip Strength Clinch Workout" .That's WELL over $100 of badass bonuses for Free!

Sean has done as much as anyone to contribute high-quality content to the English-speaking Muay Thai community, and Clinch King is no exception. Each video is clear, well-produced, and not too long, giving you an individual technique you can start mixing in with your training right away. Particularly if you already have a base of knowledge in Muay Thai, I think Sean's videos are definitely a great way to supplement your training."

James Gregory James Gregory
Amateur Fighter & Contributor to

Jason Farrell

This is a great series of fundamental necessities in the Clinch area of Muay Thai. All of these techniques are techniques I emphasize with my Fighters and Students at Level Up. Having these videos at your dispossal is very beneficial. Being able to study these techniques step by step, drill them, and then putting them to use will be a major factor in your entire Muay Thai.

Jason Farrell Owner and Trainer at Level Up Boxing & Fitness

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about "Clinch King", you can contact me by clicking here.

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