5 Tips To Write An Epic Post

1. Write in your own voice.
This isn’t wikipedia or a boring resource for muay thai! Write like you were talking with a friend and try to engage them into the conversation.

2. Keep it short.
No more than 1000 words MAX. Even 1000 words tend to be a little excessive and can make the reader feel overwhelmed. Typically an ideal post is one that is 500 words of shorter. If you are going to offer tips, start off with an introductory paragraph and then follow with the tips. Are you an expert on this topic? Share your personal experiences to relate to other nak muay.

3. Keep it simple.
No big words. No fancy vocabulary. We all get hit in the head a lot and don’t want any extra stress on your brains trying to figure out what a word means.

4. Be authoritative. 
Almost all of the posts on Muay Thai Guy are opinions of the author. You are an expert on your own opinion, so no need to so things like “in my opinion” or “I think that”. We know this is what you are thinking… because you’re writing it!

5. Show us your sources.
If you are mentioning a statistic or case study, include a link to the source. If you’re claiming a technique works better one way, explain how you know this. If you think a food is great for cutting weight, explain why it is and preferably add a link that backs up your words.

5 Tips For Writing A Personal Post

1. Keep it focused.
Keep the spotlight on one time in your career. Like I mentioned before, you have to keep it short, so talking about your entire 50 fight career on one post won’t do anyone any good.

2. Include a perspective shift.
Engaging posts shine a light on how you’ve grown in a certain area of your training or life. No one is the same person since they first started training muay thai, so if you’re personal post starts at Point A, it should wind up at Point B.

3. Don’t leave us wondering about your motivations.
Your decisions are what make you interesting and unique. Show us your motivation for writing this piece and let us into your thought process!

4. Be really specific
The more specific you are about an aspect of your life, the more it will resonate with the readers. It makes you seem more real and not just a person behind a computer screen. Being specific like who, what, where and when will take your writing, and the readers experience to another level.

5. Make it personal!
The more open, honest and vulnerable you are about the obstacles you’ve faced and goals you’ve accomplished, the more readers will be inspired by your story!

Potential Topics:
Training and living in ThailandMental preparation for a fight
Beginner or advanced training tips
Technique advice, tips or video tutorials
Weight cutting, nutritional advice or healthy recipes
The culture and tradition of muay thai
Strength and conditioning talk, workout plans or drills
And other muay thai related topics

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