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Tips, Advice and Reviews For Buying 16 oz Boxing Gloves

Are you trying to find the perfect pair of 16 oz boxing gloves for your boxing, MMA or muay thai training?

Well you’re in luck, just scroll down for the best tips, advice, reviews and pictures of the best boxing gloves for sale! I’ve done all your research so can you buy boxing gloves for your boxing, mma or muay thai training!

Why Buy 16 Ounce Boxing Gloves?

  • 16 oz boxing gloves can be used for nearly any aspect of your training – bag work, pad work and sparring
  • 16 oz sparring gloves are the general size you and your training partners will be using when you do your intense sparring sessions whether it’s boxing, muay thai or MMA.
  • 16oz boxing gloves have more padding for your fists/knuckles and will protect you from being injured.
  • Training with 16 oz bag gloves will get you accustomed to the heavier weighted gloves. This in turn will make your hands faster and more powerful over time.

Personal Advice Before You Buy Boxing Gloves

I’ve gone through a fair share of 16 oz boxing gloves throughout the years and if there is one important thing I have learned it’s this:

DO NOT buy cheap boxing gloves.

If you buy boxing gloves that are cheap, you will be wasting your money and have a higher chance of getting injured.

Cheap boxing gloves will fall apart in no time if you train hard and intense like you should. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way – I kept buying cheap boxing gloves and they kept getting damaged and kept falling apart after only a few months of using them!

Not only will you be saving money by investing in a pair of top quality, best 16 oz boxing gloves you can find, but you will be protecting your fists and wrists with better quality material as well!

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Reviews

Top 7 Best 16 Oz Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

#7. Venum 16 Ounce Boxing Gloves Reviews

venum boxing glovesI’ve never used Venum training equipment or boxing gloves before, but after taking a look around the web to see what the best 16 oz boxing gloves are I found that Venum boxing gloves had some of the best reviews!Check out some of these reviews from other fighters on Venum Boxing Gloves:“Ive used many different types of gloves and these by far are the best. They are comfortable, especially with grip bar – and they are lightweight.”

“Not only do these gloves look mean. They offer great protection and are very breathable. These gloves are very well made!!!!”

Venum Boxing Gloves

$49.99 – $129.99 MMAWarehouse

If you are looking to buy boxing gloves, take a look at some of the awesome designs Venum has to offer!

#6. Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves

hayabusa glovesHayabusa is one of my favorite MMA brands to train with. The training gear looks awesome and the quality is some of the best.I used to use the Hayabusa 16oz Sparring gloves and they were a great pair of 16 oz boxing gloves. The new Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves are a big hit and have great reviews!The only thing about these boxing gloves is that they only come in 10oz as of right now. Either way, they look badass and are top quality so you can’t go wrong!

“This is my first quality pair of gloves. I previously boxed with low end Everlast gloves. The difference between this glove and a lower cost glove is night and day. I had $40 everlast gloves that lasted 1 month of bag work and sparring then started falling apart. These gloves fit way better, offer more padding for your hands and for your sparring partner so he does not get hurt. I like the double wrist securing straps. My wrists are much more stable in these gloves. They can be just a bit slower to take off because of the double velcro straps but imo it is a good feature because it make the glove fit more securely and provides more support.”

Hayabusa Boxing Gloves

$116.99 MMAWarehouse

#5. Raja Boxing Gloves Review

rajaRaja Boxing Gloves are some of the most elegant, cool looking boxing gloves out there. With their sweet designs and high quality padding material, they are definitely a good investment if you are looking for style points.To be honest though, there weren’t too many reviews I could find on these 16 ounce gloves. So that could either mean that not many fighters decide to buy boxing gloves from Raja or not many fighters decide to write reviews!Either way, I do have a few thai boxing friends who have personally recommended it to me but I’ve never got around to trying them out.

$59.99 – $72.50 MuayThaiArt

#4. Fairtex 16oz Boxing Gloves Reviews

fairtex glovesFairtex Boxing gloves are as high quality as they come. They’re super durable, comfortable, protective and cool looking which make sense to why they cost a decent amount of cash.

If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a top quality pair of muay thai boxing gloves then Fairtex is the way to go. But if you still want high quality gloves for a cheaper price… just scroll down!

$80.96 – $93.94 @ FightHQ

#3. Boon Boxing Gloves

boon boxing glovesThe Boon Muay Thai brand is relatively new to me but after talking to some fighters and fans (from Australia mainly) I’ve come to realize that not only is Boon Muay Thai gear cheap and affordable, but also very durable, comfortable and protective.Now from what I can find on the web, there isn’t a wide variety of Boon muay thai equipment to choose from and that’s a big part of why it’s only #3.If you’re looking for a simple, cheap but high quality pair of muay thai boxing gloves for your training, then Boon is a great option!

$41.99 @ FightHQ

#2. Twins 16 oz Boxing Gloves Reviews

twins boxing glovesOne of the most popular and common boxing gloves I saw Thai boxers use in Thailand were these pair of 16 oz Twins boxing gloves.All of the Twins Boxing Gloves are made from high quality leather and have high density padding to help with protecting your hands. These boxing gloves in particular have extra padding on the hands for hitting the heavy bag or sparring with a training partner.I’d highly recommend these 16 oz boxing gloves because even though the are relatively cheap, they are high quality material that provide long lasting durability and protection for your hands!

The lighter 10oz and 8oz boxing gloves are used in competition over in Thailand as well so you know that they have to be great boxing gloves!

$47.98 – $57.99 MuayThaiStuff

$56.50 – $67.50 MuayThaiArt

#1. Top King 16 Ounce Boxing Gloves Review

Top king boxing glovesTop King boxing gloves are another one of the most popular and best boxing gloves in the Muay Thai boxing world.Personally I think they look a little more badass and still provide you with the same level of protection and quality that the Twins Special boxing gloves do. I have read reviews of the vinyl falling off and getting damaged with the more elegantly designed ones, so I would suggest to buy the basic boxing gloves – not the fancy designed ones.Check out what other Muay Thai fighters have said about these great boxing gloves:

“Light but firm. You can really blast with these bad boys.”

“Having been using these Top King gloves for the past 6 months, I can tell you that I’m extremely impressed with them. They offer a much better fit than the Twins gloves and these Top King gloves look almost new – despite half a year of heavy usage.”

$49.98 – $54.98 @ MuayThaiStuff

$59.99 – $69.99 @ MuayThaiArt

“These are great gloves. The wrist support is great and they have a comfy ‘pocket’ type thing your hand slides into inside. Great Value.”

“The Kings are in a class of their own.”

Final Tips & Words Of Advice:

Brands Do Matter – Every brand creates their 16 oz boxing gloves differently. Some Thai boxing gloves distribute the weight differently – some offer more protection for your fist, others more protection for your wrist. A 16oz glove (Top King, Twins, Hayabusa) from a good company offers far more padding and protection than a 18-20oz gloves from a crappy generic company like Everlast or TKO.

Proper Fit – Make sure your Muay Thai boxing gloves will fit properly WITH handwraps on. Make sure when you get the 16 ounce gloves to put on some hand-wraps to see if the boxing gloves are snug around the wraps. Make sure you it’s an easy, comfortable fit inside your boxing gloves!

Don’t Be Cheap! – Like I said earlier, if you are going to buy boxing gloves make it an investment! In the long run you will save more money, more frustration and keep yourself from getting injured by paying a little extra for top quality muay thai kick boxing equipment!

I hope these 16 oz boxing gloves reviews were helpful in making your decision to buy boxing gloves! If you have any questions, comments or advice you’d like to add on please do so!

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What’s Your Favorite Boxing Gloves?

Have a certain pair of boxing gloves you love?
Do you use a pair of boxing gloves that are awesome?
Do your gloves provide enough protection?
Are your gloves durable and long lasting?

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